Santa Company: Manatsu no Merry Christmas to be Streamed on MyAnimeList this January

An animated film, known Santa Company: Manatsu no Merry Christmas, created to help combat the effect of Marine waste and to increase awareness of its dangers will be streamed worldwide on the 29th Janaury 2021 via MyAnimeList (MAL). Read more of this post

Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2021 To Include Animated Film “HELLO WORLD”

The Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme, a programme which would usually see a variety of Japanese produced films shown in selective cinemas across the UK, have recently announced that this years event will be held online, for FREE, between to the 19th February 2021 and 10th March 2021. In addition to the event moving digitally for 2021 the website has updated with a list of films that are expected to be shown, one of which is ITO Tomohiko’s animated feature-length film HELLO WORLD. Read more of this post

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba and Kuroko’s Basketball To Stream on Netflix UK this Month

Updated listings in the ‘coming soon’ section of the Netflix UK application have revealed that season one of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba and Kuroko’s Basketball will be coming to the subscription-based video on demand platform later this month. Read more of this post

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Now Available to Stream on FUNimation Now in the UK

FUNimation have recently announced that Ufotable’s anime adaption of Koyoharu Gotōge’s manga series, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, is now available to Stream on the FUNimation Now platform in the UK (as well as United States). Read more of this post

Spike Chunsoft Celebrates 10 Years of Danganronpa with New Merchandise Range

To celebrate Danganronpa’s 10th Anniversary Spike Chunsoft have announced plans to release a wide-variety of merchandise including a deluxe art book that contains rare design and development documents from past art books as well as entirely new materials from both games and anime. Read more of this post

New Episodes of The Great Pretender Arrive on Netflix

Those looking to continue the adventures of Makoto Edamura and Laurent Thierry in Netflix’s anime original series The Great Pretender will be excited to know that new episodes of the series, specifically Season 2 of the series, are streaming on the subscription based video-on-demand platform Netflix in the UK. Read more of this post

Mega Hobby Expo To Be Hosted Online and Available Worldwide

In some rather interesting, but alternative, news, MegaHouse Co., Ltd. have announced that they will be host an online streaming event, known as Mega Hobby Expo Online, to showcase their new range of figures from popular franchises such as Demon Slayer, Digimon Adventure, and One Piece. Read more of this post

Arifureta, Fairy Tail, Fire Force, Golden Kamuy, Highschool DXD, and ID INVADED Release Dates Delayed

Manga Entertainment UK have today confirmed that a wide-selection of upcoming releases have been pushed back, with the biggest delay affecting the UK release of Golden Kamuy. Read more of this post

AKIRA 4K Cinema Screenings Available 7th October 2020 in the UK with Tickets On Sale Now

Manga Entertainment UK have announced that the classic feature-length anime film AKIRA will receive 4K IMAX and Cinema screenings in the UK and Ireland this October starting from 7th October 2020, with previews at selected locations, before opening-up to wide range of cinemas on the 9th October 2020. Read more of this post

Beyblade Burst Turbo & Space Dandy Added to Netflix UK

It is time to “let it rip” and get down and dandy with Space Dandy as Beyblade Burst Turbo and both seasons of Space Dandy are now available to Stream on Netflix UK for subscribers. Read more of this post