MVM Entertainment’s UK Blu-Ray Release of My Girlfriend is a Shobitch Cut by BBFC

It has been confirmed, via a report on Anime UK News, that MVM Entertainment’s upcoming UK Blu-Ray release of My Girlfriend is a Shobitch has been cut by the BBFC due to scenes that portray a child in a sexualised context in the third episode of the series.

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Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid Refused BBFC Classification Unless Cuts Are Made

In a rather interesting discovery meeting notes released by the BBFC, known as the British Board of Film Classification, for a meeting that took place last month reveal that the BBFC have refused Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid a UK classification unless cuts are made to the product. Read more of this post

Universal Pictures UK To Distribute My Hero Academia Within the UK

In a rather interesting discovery, courtesy of listings on the BBFC website, it seems that Universal Pictures UK will be distributing My Hero Academia within the UK on Blu-ray. Read more of this post

UK DVD Release of Battle Girls: Time Paradox Delayed Until February


Those looking forward to the upcoming UK DVD Release of Battle Girls: Time Paradox are in for some disappointing news; as the series has been delayed and it will now be released on the 16th February 2015.

MVM Entertainment have yet to provide a reason for the delay, but we assume it has something to do with the 8-Second cut that the series received from the BBFC.  Since the BBFC requested this 8-second cut (which we believe to be from Episode 3 during the bath scene) MVM can not use the disc masters that were originally authored by Madman Entertainment and so the discs (particular disc 1) have to be re-encoded and re-authored; all of which of course takes time and money.

Battle Girls: Time Paradox was originally due for release on the 26th January 2015; however due to this delay it is now scheduled for release on the 16th February 2015.