Netflix Announce Six Original Anime & License CannonBusters for Streaming

The online subscription based video-on-demand giant Netflix have announced that they plan to produce six original anime series for streaming on their service during 2018; additionally the video-on-demand giant also announced that they would be streaming CannonBusters, an anime based upon a comic book series of the same name and produced in conjunction with creator LeSean Thomas. Read more of this post


Cyborg 009: Call of Justice Added to Netflix UK


While Amazon Prime continues to expand it’s anime streaming catalogue with new simulcast streams Netflix have opted to take a slightly different approach by not only constantly offering ‘already available on home video’ anime titles but Netflix exclusive titles; in this case Cyborg 009: Call of Justice a sequel of sorts to the previously released 2013 movie released by Anime Limited onto DVD and Blu-ray. Read more of this post

Elfen Lied Added to Netflix UK Streaming Catalogue

elfen_lied_screenshot (5)

Netflix UK continues to be a dominant player in the video-on-demand sector for Anime streaming as the subscription based service have now added ‘Arms’ anime adaptation of Lynn Okamoto’s ultra-violent series Elfen Lied to the service.

As far as we can understand all tweleve episodes of the original series are available to Stream on the service; but what exactly does Elfen Lied entail? Well you can find out for yourself from the synopsis. Read more of this post

Netflix to Stream CGI Animated Film BLAME! Globally Next Year


Video-on-Demand subscription service Netflix have announced that they will be once again teaming up with animation studio Polygon Pictures in order to release a CGI anime film based upon Tsutomu Nihei manga BLAME! The film, which will receive a gloabl debut on Netflix next year, will also be created and broadcast in 4k UDR meaning that anyone with a 4K HDTV will be able to watch it at it’s best possible picture quality. Read more of this post

Magi: Adventure of Sinbad Added to Netflix UK


Netflix continues to expand it’s anime streaming selection and be a contender for your subscription fee as over the past few days the video-on-demand subscription service have added Magi: Adventure of Sinbad, to their anime streaming line-up.

For those who are not familiar Magi: Adventure of Sinbad is a prequel spin-off to Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic and Magi: The Kingdom of Magic, both of which have been released on DVD and Blu-ray in the UK via Kaze Entertainment, and it is a series which shows how sinbad came to be the man he is today… or at least the man that he is within the Magi universe. Read more of this post

Aldnoah Zero & Your lie in April Added to Netflix UK

Netflix UK once again becomes a ‘noticeable force’ in the anime streaming community as the video-on-demand streaming service have today added the Aniplex of America titles Aldnoah Zero and Your Lie in April to it’s anime line-up.

Both shows will be presented in Japanese with English subtitles; additionally all 22-episodes of Your lie in April, as well as both seasons of Aldnoah Zero, are now available for Netflix UK subscribers to view on the service. Read more of this post

Smile Precure! comes to Netflix as Glitter Force Next Month


As pointed out by @Robert88UK on Twitter Netflix has secured exclusive rights to the English Adaptation of the Smile Precure! anime series; and it will be known as Glitter Force!

Unfortunately thats where the good news ends; as Saban Brands, the company responsible for bringing it to English countries, have opted to adapt it to the English market to make it much more accessible for auidiences (and younger generations) within English speaking countries. As a result of this not only has the anime’s title been changed but the lovable characters have also received a name change; for instance Miyuki Hoshizora is now known as Emily / Cure Happy. Read more of this post

Yu-Gi-Oh! – Season 1 Coming to Netflix UK Tomorrow


The official Yu-Gi-Oh! website have today announced that the first season of Yu-Gi-Oh!, which is being released on DVD by Manga Entertainment UK on the 17th November 2014, will be available to stream on Netflix UK starting from tomorrow.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 1 (English) will be available beginning tomorrow, November 1st, in the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland and the United States.

This means that Yu-Gi-Oh! fans within the UK will be able to re-experience the iconic series before it’s released on DVD as well as potentially drag-in newcomers who have yet to witness the original series. Read more of this post

Blood Lad Comes to Netflix within the UK


If you are currently a Netflix subscriber then prepare for some exciting news, as the anime series Blood Lad is now available to stream for all subscribers.

As unveiled yesterday on All The Anime’s Facebook page Blood Lad is just one of many anime series currently being streamed on the service, with more ‘potentially’ to come in the coming months. Blood Lad isn’t the first All The Anime licensed show to appear on Netflix either, as complete series collections for Gurren Lagann and Kill-La-Kill are also available to stream; both of which will be coming to the Blu-ray and DVD very shortly. Read more of this post

Knights of Sidonia Comes to Netflix UK in both Sub and Dub formats


It has been brought to our attention (thanks @MarkBegg49) that Netflix UK are currently streaming the CGI- anime adaptation of Knights of Sidonia in both English Dubbed and Japanese with English subtitle formats.

The anime series is an adaptation of Tsutomu Nihei original manga, a story which sees humans attempting to survive amongst the monstrous shapeshifting aliens known only as Gauana. If you’re a fan of Sci-Fi and CGI-anime then it’s definately worth checking out.

Interestingly Knights of Sidonia is only available on Netflix, both within the UK and US, as Netflix worked alongside Polygon Pictures in order for the English Dub to be created – so we won’t be seeing this on Blu-ray or DVD anytime soon.

If you are currently a Netflix customer then you can watch the entire series online right now, otherwise you’ll have to sign-up in order to view it, fortunately Netflix also offer a trial period with their streaming service.