Dragon Ball Super and Pokemon: Sun & Moon Now Available to Stream on BBC iPlayer

In some rather unexpected news the BBC iPlayer service is now offering 46 episodes of Dragon Ball Super, which covers the entirety of the Battle of Gods, Resurrection F and Universe 6 Arcs, as well as some additional episodes and movies from Pokemon Black & White and Pokemon: Sun & Moon.

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Pokemon: Black & White TV Series and Movie Available to Stream on BBC iPlayer

Those wishing to continue the animated adventures of Ash Ketchum in Pokemon will be interested to know that BBC iPlayer have the complete Pokemon: Black & White TV series, alongside the feature length film Pokemon Black: Victini and Reshiram and Pokemon White: Victini and Zekrom, on the streaming platform.

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Cats Eye, Cardight Vanguard, ItaKiss, Monster Rancher, RWBY Chibi and More Available to Stream on Amazon Prime

Those who actively use Amazon Prime Instant Video to view anime content, such as Magical Girl Site and PSYCHO-PASS 3, may be familiar that the selection of content included as part of the Amazon Prime subscription is ever changing, and recently we have discovered a wide-variety of older anime titles, including Cats Eyes and Itakiss, are also available to stream for Amazon Prime members on Amazon Instant Video. Read more of this post

Manga UK Q3 2018 Release Schedule Announced; New Title Licenses Confirmed

Usually Manga Entertainment UK would reveal new titles and confirm their upcoming release schedule at the MCM London Comic Con, of which takes place towards the end of the month, but this year the distributor have opted to announce everything due to be released between June and September in one long announcement. Read more of this post

Pokemon Black & White: Rival Destines To Begin Broadcasting on POP!

Sony owned TV channel POP! have announced that the fifteenth season of Pokemon, known as Pokemon Black & White: Rival Destines, will begin broadcasting on POP! on Saturday 3rd March 2018 at 8am with a double bill. Read more of this post

Pokemon: Black & White TV Series Now Broadcast on POP Max within the UK

Pokemon The Series: Sun & Moon, which is currently being broadcast on CITV, may be the latest Pokemon anime TV series but those wishing to take a trip back to the Unova region will be excited to learn that the TV channel POP Max, formly known as KIX!, have now started broadcasting episodes of Pokemon: Black & White on a daily basis. Read more of this post