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Founder & Executive Editor: Scott Emsen (Emo185)

Scott is the Founder of AnimeBlurayUK as well its Executive Editor and has previously written articles on ZOMGPlay, Rice Digital and Funstock. Based in the UK and loves anything related to Games & Anime.

If you wish to get in touch with him, you can e-mail him here.

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10 Responses to Contact Us

  1. danny says:

    hi there
    i saw “Haganai: I Don’t Have Many Friends ” on your review page as multi region dvd and blue ray, where can i found this item for sale ?

    • Scott says:

      it was in the “Region Free” Section (not the review section). You can find it for sale from, United Publications or DVDEmpire. I Recomend United Publications as you will not be hit by Custom Fees

  2. Denny Fisher says:

    I collect anime dvds and have every uk release. I can confirm that rolling girls is only region A. Tested on my ps4. Also dvds sgt frog region 1, kingdom region 1 and yatterman night is region1. I know you don’t do dvds but you may want to let the right people know.
    Seraph of the end the complete series is region B.

  3. Denny Fisher says:

    Dving gate and kancolle are both region 2/B

  4. Peter says:

    With a number of titles I would like being region locked to A lately, can you recommend where to get a region A player from for delivery to the UK? Thanks

  5. Jordan Lloyd says:

    Hello there,

    I have used this site in the past to decide to take the risk of purchasing blu-rays of Patlabor: The Movie and Patlabor 2: The movie. They were region A but worked on my UK PS4! I would like to buy the Patlabor Ultimate collection but it’s very expensive and I was wondering if there is a way you or anyone could find out if works on UK players! I figured that since the 2 movies worked, this probably will as well, but if I’m wrong, it’s a lot of money down the drain and the item won’t be returnable once it’s opened..

    I’m not very hopeful, but thanks anyway!

    • Scott Emsen says:

      @Jordan Without testing the discs it is hard to know if they will work; but all of Sentai Filmworks (possibly Maiden Japan) releases since 2015 have worked on PS4 and PS3 consoles without issue.

      This is due to Sentai Filmworks using Geo Region locks rather than Region Codes and they set the Geo Region for their discs as America (as they are the American publisher/distributor).
      By default UK PS3 & PS4 consoles are set to America Geo Region and Region 2/B and as such the discs play on UK consoles.

      • Jordan Lloyd says:

        Thanks a lot for the reply Scott, that’s quite promising!

        Thank you for the information, I do remember hearing something about UK consoles being set to America Geo Region actually, must have forgot about it! AnywayI took the risk of buying the Patlabor Ultimate collection, fingers crossed that it’ll work! I won’t hold you responsible if it doesn’t, it was all my risk 🙂

        Many thanks!


  6. Steve says:

    Hey Scott,

    I noticed on Zavvi the standard edition release for Demon Slayer: Mugen Train is December 2022. Do you know if this is accuarte?


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