MVM Entertainment Announcements at London MCM Comic Con May 2015


With Animatsu, Anime Limited and Manga Entertainment UK opting to announce their new titles through Industry Panels throughout the Comic Con weekend MVM Entertainment UK opted to take a different approach and announce their new titles through social media – which ultimately led to some confusion and disappointment.

As it stands MVM Entertainment only have three anime titles heading out for the Q3, and potentially Q4, release window; however amongst (we assume) some criticism the distributor announced that they had signed another seventeen titles for release next year – which is quite an impressive amount.

fate_stay_night_Review_screenshot (4)

To start with MVM Entertainment have confirmed that they will be releasing Love Live! – Season 1 on DVD and Blu-ray; interestingly enough the DVD will be released in July 2015 (as a subtitle only title) while the Blu-ray, which will feature an English dub, will come out next year. The second title is Captain Earth which is being released in two part instalments on both DVD and Blu-ray in July and September respectfully. Videogame based anime show Amnesia has also been licensed for a DVD and Blu-ray release with the series being available in early July. Mecha-Styled fans are also being catered for as Muv-Luv Alternate Total Eclipse will be released in two parts (August and September) on both DVD and Blu-ray; meanwhile the final announcement of the weekend was for Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works; however no release window was mentioned.

So to Sum Up:

  • Amnesia (DVD and Blu-ray in July 2015)
  • Captain Earth (DVD and Blu-ray in July 2015)
  • Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works (TBC)
  • Love Live! Season 1 (Subbed DVD in July, Blu-ray with English Dub in 2016)
  • Muv-Luv Alternate Total Eclipse (DVD & Blu-ray; Part 1 in August, Part 2 in September)

Along with the Q3/ Q4 announcements MVM Entertainment confirmed that they had signed the following titles; with them all due for release next year:

  • Busou Shinki
  • Flowers of Evil
  • Hidamari Sketch Season 1
  • Kamisama Kiss Season 2
  • Kampfer/Kampfer Fur Die Liebe
  • Kill Me Baby
  • Love, Election Chocolate
  • Love live Season 2
  • Maid-Sama
  • Nyanko!
  • Outbreak Company
  • Photokano
  • Re-Kan
  • Rosen Maiden-Zuruckspulen
  • Samurai Harem
  • Sasami-San@Ganbarani
  • So I Can’t Play H

As it stands MVM Entertainment have not confirmed which format these titles will be released onto; but 2016 looks like a busy year for MVM – which is ironic considering we are only ‘just’ halfway into the year of 2015.

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3 Responses to MVM Entertainment Announcements at London MCM Comic Con May 2015

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  2. So I Can’t Play H! will be instant buy for me, if it comes to blu-ray. 🙂

    • Scott says:

      As it stands So I Can’t Play H! will be a DVD only release (you can currently pre-order it from Anime-On-Line) additionally the US Blu-ray is REGION LOCKED

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