DVD Review: Captain Earth – Part 2

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It’s time to suit-up and head into space with the Midsummer Knights in the second DVD Release of Captain Earth; but what did we think of this particular set by MVM Entertainment? Find out in our review!


Things are looking grim for Earth’s defenders. Although Daichi and Teppai have managed to slow or stop most of the Planetary Gear’s direct attacks so far using their Impacters and Livlasters, there’s no denying that the numbers are slowly turning against them. Not only have their opponents managed to recruit a half dozen of the Designer Children, but now new cracks are forming in the Midsummer’s Knights’ own alliance.

During a brief break at the seaside, Hana’s confusion over her own nature and her relationship with Daichi comes to a head, leading to an unexpected revelation. But as stunned as Daichi might be, it’s nothing compared to the shock that Kube is about to receive at the hands of his own allies. Twists, betrayals, and amazing new powers are about to be unleashed, a new Livlaster joins the Knights, and Setsuna finally comes out of seclusion to let loose her own brand of mayhem as the war for Earth’s Orgone energy builds to the inevitable climax. Read more of this post

Captain Earth – Part 2 and Rozen Maiden: Zuruckspulen Pushed Back into October


MVM Entertainment have today taken to social media to reveal that Captain Earth – Part 2 and Rozen Maiden: Zuruckspulen have been pushed back into October.

No specific reasoning as to why the release dates have been changed were given; but it is the second time that Captain Earth – Part 2 has had its release date changed. Captain Earth – Part 2 was previously due for release on the 14th September 2015 but was then later changed to the 28th September 2015; now this recent delay means that it won’t be coming out till the 2nd October 2015 – nearly a month after it was initally expected to be out. Read more of this post

Multiple MVM Titles Receive Delays; Including Infinite Stratos


MVM Entertainment have recently taken to social media to reveal that a handful of their upcoming titles, more specifically Captain Earth, No Game No Life and Infinite Stratos, have been delayed by a couple of weeks.

To start with; Captain Earth – Part 2, which was due to be released on the 14th September 2015 on both DVD and Blu-ray, has now been moved to the 28th September 2015. No Game No Life on the other hand, which has already suffered one delay, will now be scheduled for release on the 26th October 2015. Finally Infinite Stratos – Season 2, which has already been delayed by over half-a-year, is now scheduled for release on the 9th November 2015. Read more of this post

DVD Review: Captain Earth – Part 1

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MVM Entertainment’s latest DVD release is also coming out on Blu-ray; it’s of course Captain Earth but how did we find this First instalment to be? Find out in our DVD Review of Captain Earth – Part 1.


When Daichi Manatsu sees a mysterious rainbow appearing near the Tanegashima Space Center, he immediately recognizes it as being similar to an apparition that formed when his father was killed in a mysterious accident years earlier. Traveling to Tanegashima, Daichi quickly finds himself involved with the machinations of Globe, a secret agency created to defend mankind from extraterrestrial forces.

While it might seem like a big job for a mere teenager, it turns out that the skills Daichi has honed on video games combined with a special weapon called the Livlaster make Daichi ideally suited for operating the Earth Engine Impacter. A giant robot, the Earth Engine may be mankind’s best hope against aliens whose goal is to completely drain our world’s lifeforce energy. Fortunately, Daichi won’t be on his own. He’s quickly joined by a group of equally dedicated young people who all have their own skills and abilities to contribute to the battle. Read more of this post

MVM Entertainment’s Release of Captain Earth – Part 1 Pushed Back into August


Although MVM Entertainment have yet to provide any confirmation through social-media their online store, Anime-On-Line, has recently been updated to reveal that Captain Earth – Part 1 will be released in August as opposed to its previous July release date. Read more of this post

Anime Announcement Round-Up for London MCM Comic Con May 2015


Missed out on all the exciting anime announcements that took place throughout the London MCM Comic Con? or were you too lazy to read our detailed articles about each companies announcement and want a simple round-up? Either way fear not as we have complied all of the announcements made throughout the weekend into this single easy-to-read post. Read more of this post

MVM Entertainment Announcements at London MCM Comic Con May 2015


With Animatsu, Anime Limited and Manga Entertainment UK opting to announce their new titles through Industry Panels throughout the Comic Con weekend MVM Entertainment UK opted to take a different approach and announce their new titles through social media – which ultimately led to some confusion and disappointment.

As it stands MVM Entertainment only have three anime titles heading out for the Q3, and potentially Q4, release window; however amongst (we assume) some criticism the distributor announced that they had signed another seventeen titles for release next year – which is quite an impressive amount. Read more of this post