MangaUK Celebrates 25th Anniversary with Nationwide Theatrical Screening of Akira


To celebrate Manga Entertainment’s 25th Anniversary, and to help promote the upcoming Collector’s Edition release of Akira on Blu-ray, Manga UK have announced that they will be showing this newly remastered version of the film in cinemas across the country on the 21st September 2016.

In total seventy cinemas across the UK will be showing the film, making this the biggest UK Cinematic debut of Akira since it’s inital release several decades ago, and puts it on par with MangaUK’s previous cinematic release of Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F – which also received a massive showing across cinemas within the UK. Those wishing to pre-order a ticket to this special cinematic event can do so from the official Akira website.

According to Andrew Hewson, Marketing Manager at MangaUK, the UK cinematic release of Akira is a great way for fans to relive an iconic film in a way it was originally intended; at the cinemas.

“Iconic and game-changing, Akira is the definitive anime classic which even after decades since its initial release still holds up as one of the most thrilling and visceral films you will ever see! In celebration of Manga’s 25th anniversary we will be re-releasing Akira in cinemas this September on over 70 screens across the UK.

Not only that, in November we will be releasing a collector’s edition triple play – DVD, Blu-ray and digital copy housed in a rigid box, containing both English dubs as well as brand new artwork. This is an absolute must for any Akira fan!”

A full list of cinemas showing the film can be found below; but tickets can be pre-ordered online through the special Akira website.

Aberdeen Union Square Cineworld Gateshead Vue Manchester Showcase
Basingstoke Festival Place Vue Glasgow East (Out of Town) Showcase Manchester Red Vue
Bath PictureHouse Glasgow Renfrew Street (Central) Cineworld Milton Keynes Cineworld
Belfast Odyssey Independent Hull Vue Northampton Vue
Birmingham Broad Street Cineworld Inverness Vue Norwich PictureHouse
Birmingham Electric Independent Lancaster Dukes Independent Norwich Vue
Birmingham, Star City Vue Leeds Showcase CDL Nottingham Showcase CDL
Bluewater Showcase CDL Leeds Hyde Park Independent Oxford PictureHouse
Brighton Komedia PictureHouse Leicester Showcase CDL Oxford Vue
Bristol Showcase Liverpool Showcase Paisley Showcase
Bristol Showcase CDL Liverpool, FACT PictureHouse Peterborough Showcase
Cambridge PictureHouse London Central, Central PictureHouse Plymouth Vue
Cambridge Vue London Central, Prince Charles Independent Portsmouth Vue
Cardiff Showcase London East, Hackney PictureHouse Portsmouth No. 6 Independent
Cheshire Oaks Vue London East, Newham Showcase Reading Showcase CDL
Coventry Showcase London East, Stratford East PictureHouse Sheffield Cineworld
Crawley Cineworld London East, West India Quay Cineworld Sheffield Vue
Derby Showcase CDL London East, Westfield Stratford Vue Southampton PictureHouse
Dublin Cineworld London North, Crouch End PictureHouse Stirling Vue
Dudley Showcase London North, Finchley Road Vue Swansea Vue
Dundee DCA Independent London North, Islington Vue Teeside Showcase
Edinburgh Cineworld London North, Wood Green Vue Walsall Showcase
Edinburgh Cameo PictureHouse London South, Croydon Grants Vue Watford Vue
Enfield Cineworld London South, Ritzy PictureHouse York PictureHouse
Exeter PictureHouse London South, Wandsworth Cineworld York Vue
Exeter Vue London West, Westfield Vue


Akira will be available in UK cinemas on the 21st September 2016; however a Collector’s Edition Triple Play set will also be released on the 28th November 2016 within the UK.

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