Death End Re;Quest 2 to feature Day and Night Elements

With the release of Death End Re;Quest 2 drawing in ever closer, especially with the STEAM release being brought forward one week, publisher Idea Factory International have today revealed some additional details on what players can expect from the game; including confirmation of Day and Night time cycles that will alter the overall gameplay experience.

Judging from the information provided the Day and Night time elements of the game will determine whether it is the visual novel (story) being presented or the action (RPG) elements being played. In the original game the visual novel element was mostly presented outside of the game world and allowed players to learn more about the characters and the world within the game, of which were played through RPG mechanics. In this instance the story will progress as a visual novel during the day with combat mostly being held at night.


During the day, players will experience the Visual Novel aspect of the game. Mai will be able to interact with the residents of Wordsworth Dormitory and various townfolk in Le Choara.

The majority of the narrative can be experienced within the events that occur during the day. It is highly recommended to view all the events possible. Doing so can result in many different rewards.


When night falls, players will encounter frightening monsters and experience the RPG elements in Death end re;Quest 2. As Mai and her friends explore Le Choara, monsters, known as Shadow Matter, will chase them as soon as they’re spotted.

Equip Mai and her friends in the Camp located at each save point and be ready to tackle any Shadow Matter that comes your way.

In addition to the Day and Night elements of Death End Re;Quest 2 the publisher went on to explain that “your choices” will dictate the flow of the story and players will be able to track the progress through the episode chart system. As with all visual novels, and most titles published by Idea Factory International, choices made can effect the flow of the game and in Death Re;Quest that usually means death.

Your Choices:

As players progress through the game, there will be moments where you will need to make a decision that could affect how your narrative will progress. These decisions can change the lives of those residing in Le Choara and can also possibly lead your party to a Death end (Game Over).

With the Episode Chart system, players are able to track the events they’ve experienced or events yet to be seen. It is highly recommended to save often, so players can revisit missing event scenes. Unlock additional special events by taking on missions given by the Shoekeeper (Shop). Keep an eye out on the Episode Chart and the Shoekeeper to get the full experience of the Death end re;Quest 2 story!

Death End Re;Quest 2 will be released digitally on the 18th August 2020 on STEAM as well as on the 28th August 2020 for the PlayStation 4 physically and digitally within Europe and Australia.

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