Death End Re;Quest 2 Opening Movie Trailer Promotes Summer 2020 Release on PS4 & STEAM

A newly released ‘opening movie’ trailer for Death End Re;Quest 2 has revealed that Idea Factory International plan to release this localised release of the Japanese RPG onto the PlayStation 4 and STEAM this Summer. Read more of this post

Idea Factory International Introduces Three Students from Wordsworth in Death End Re;Quest 2

Idea Factory International continues to drip-feed fans information of its latest games and this time additional characters from Wordsworth have been outlined in the latest content drop for Death End Re;Quest 2.

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Death End Re;Quest 2 Includes Party Members from the Original Game

Those hoping to see the original cast of playable characters from Death End Re;Quest in Death End Re;Quest 2 will be excited to learn that they are indeed playable. Of course this is not exactly news worthy, and may be treated to some as a spoiler; but it does answer an important question. Read more of this post

Meet the Main Cast and Locations of Death End Re;Quest 2

Idea Factory International are slowly drip-feeding for the localised information for Death End Re;Quest 2, the sequel to the turn-based-RPG that saw the occult world merge with the real world through an online game. Previously Idea Factory International shared a ‘post-card trailer’ highlighting the key location of the game and now the publisher have revealed the main cast of characters. Read more of this post

Death end re;Quest 2 STEAM Release Announced

Earlier in the year Idea Factory International announced that a localised version of Death end re;Quest 2 would be making it way to the PlayStation 4 within Europe and North America, and today the publisher have announced that a Steam version of the game is also in the works for a 2020 release. Read more of this post

Death end re;Quest 2 Announced for Western Release This Year

Idea Factory International have announced that the sequel to Death end re;quest, entitled Death end re;quest 2, will be released onto the PlayStation 4 this year within Europe and North America. Read more of this post