MVM Entertainment Could Drop DVD’s as a Format By The End of This Year

In a recent interview with Anime Independent, Tony Allen, the owner of MVM Entertainment, has revealed that MVM could drop DVD’s as a format by the end of this year as a result of Blu-Ray sales improving and DVD authoring being phased out in America.

At what point, if at all in the foreseeable future, do you see MVM dropping DVD as a format?

For titles from Q4.

This would mean that future titles released from Q4 2018 onwards, which would be from October 2018, would only be on Blu-Ray unless DVD masters were available for re authoring – such as MVM Entertainment’s recent release of Heaven’s Lost Property; but even then this would be debated on a ‘case by case’ basis.

For MVM titles, what is the current sales split between DVD and Blu Ray, and are some titles still stronger on DVD than Blu Ray?

On new release about 60/40 in favour of Blu-ray. Fan titles sell stronger on Blu-ray. Back catalogue sales tend to be more on DVD.

So what exactly brought these questions on? Well Sentai Filmworks, and potentially Madman Entertainment, announced earlier in the year that they will be discontinuing DVD authoring, with all future titles being released on Blu-Ray only. As UK distributors rely on these masters for there UK releases it means that [for DVD release] the distributor will have to make there own master – of which is expensive and time consuming.

This issue first occured with MVM Entertainment’s release of Flip Flappers; as originally it was going to be a Blu-Ray and DVD Combo Pack but as a result of a DVD master not being available for the scheduled release date it was demoted to a Blu-Ray only Collector’s Edition. MVM Entertainment have since then paid for a DVD disc to be authored by themselves, but this will not be ready for release until later this year.

You can read the full interview with Tony Allen on Anime Independent, but in short MVM Entertainment could drop DVD as a format by the end of this year; and next year we could see Blu-Ray only releases from the distributor.

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