DVD Review: C: Control – The Money of Soul and Possibility – The Complete Series

c_control_review_screenshot (1)What Would you do with endless amounts of money? Well with C: Control – The Money of Soul and Possibility we are about to find out what Kimimaro would do, but what do we think of this DVD Release by MVM Entertainment? Find out in our DVD Review.


Kimimaro is a hard-working college student, raised by his grandmother after his mother died and his father went mysteriously missing. Working at a mini-mart to eke out a meager existence while completing his studies, one night he is approached by a strange, clown-like man. This man has an offer: receive a near-endless supply of money through loans leveraged against one’s future.

Part of the bargain includes joining other “Entrepreneurs” and battling with animal-like “Assets” to gain money directly tied to their lives. Intrigued, Kimimaro finds himself fighting alongside his Asset, Mshyu, and inadvertently discovers the twisted ties that secretly hold the World’s economy together as well as his own family’s past.

Our View:

Money is a powerful thing, how powerful you ask? Well it can either save a nation or destroy it, and with C: Control – The Money of Soul and Possibility you’ll see first-hand how dangerous money can be, whether you intend it to be or not. The story follows Kimimaro Yoga, a college student that is attempting to lead a normal life and in doing so works two part-time jobs; however his world is soon turned upside down when Masakaki, a representative from the bank of Midas, starts knocking at his door. Masakaki attempts to get Kimimaro to join the events held within financial district, whereby endless sums of money can be earned or lost, with the price of admission being your future. After some ‘persuasion’ Kimimaro agrees to tag along, but unbeknown to Kimimaro the financial district is not located on earth, but in another dimension and more importantly it’s the place where tactical and brutal battles commence, all for the sake of money.

c_control_review_screenshot (3)

You see C: Control is about more than just money, it’s also about fighting. Everyone that attends the financial district and becomes a member (or an entrepreneur) must take part in a weekly deal (a battle) with another member, and these battles are fought by using their assets, who are animal styled humans. Kimimaro’s partner is Mashu and together they attempt to unravel the mystery’s surrounding the financial district. However the stakes are high, as everyone who enters a battle fights using their own money, with each move preformed (and damaged received) costing you money, so If a player becomes bankrupt then his future (which is being held by the bank as collateral) will be lost. Furthermore each battle taken place has a negative impact in the real world and depending on how much money is lost depends on how big the impact will be. For instance when Kimimaro (barely) lost a match he ended up failing his college exams, something which is considered extremely minor compared to what other entrepreneurs have faced.

c_control_review_screenshot (4)

It’s slightly complicated to explain, but it is an extremely clever way of representing money in combat. Luckily Kimimaro isn’t alone for long, as he soon becomes acquainted with Soichiro Mikuni, another Entrepreneur of the financial district, who runs his own guild. This guild also takes part in deals, but they do it so it only causes minimal effect to the real world, furthermore Soichiro uses Midas money to fuel the Japanese economy, something which doesn’t go down too well with Jennifer Sato, an agent of the International Monetary Fund. Secrets, Lies, Deceit and money, C:Control has it all, but for some it’s just another day at the office, as Kimimaro finds out the hard way.

C: Control has a lot going off and a lot to offer to the viewer, not to mention the fights aren’t just entertaining, but strategically awesome with each new fight delivering something new and unexpected.


Those looking for the extra content will be happy to find two English cast commentaries, text less songs and a trailer for the US release of the series.


As always the English cast commentary is split between the two DVD discs, with the second disc containing the rest of the extra features.

Disc 1:

  • Episode 5 Commentary with Monica Ria and  J. Michael Tatum

Disc 2:

  • Text less opening
  • Text less closing
  • Episode 11 Commentary  with Todd Haberkorn and Brina Palencia
  • US Trailer

Out of both of the English Cast Commentaries I found the Episode 5 commentary to be more entertaining, mainly because it talked about how the series was ‘adapted’  into English, rather than how the voice actors portrayed their roles. For instance Moncia Rial explains how she adapted the English Dub script and what inspiration she used to create it, all the while retaining the original Japanese plot and characteristics.

Those uninterested in the English Cast Commentaries however will be glad to see that the text less opening and closing songs are included as well as a surprise addition of the English US Trailer, but other than that there is no additional content.


Media:  DVD 9 x2
Region: 2
Running Time:  2:11:30 (Disc 1),
Video: MPEG-2
Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 448Kbps (English, Dolby Digital 2.0 224kbps (Japanese)
Subtitles: English (White)
Resolution: 720 x 576 (576i)
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Widescreen
Frame Rate: 25 fps


C: Control – The Money of Soul and Possibility tells the story of hard-working college student Kimimaro Yoga as he goes from everyday student  to entrepreneur, while in the process surviving long enough to find the truth behind the financial district and what potential it could unlock for his past, present and future. As a series C:Control features a vast amount of information, fighting and an insight into real-life business strategy that some may find too complicated, but in reality C: Control is basically Wall Street on steroids, complex but fun.

c_control_review_screenshot (2)

In regards to this DVD Release by MVM Entertainment the picture quality is ‘respectable’ quality, as the picture itself feels slightly blurred and pixelated, and more interestingly (despite being dubbed by FUNimation) the opening and closing feature the original Japanese text rather than being translated in English like on most other releases. The biggest issue I have with this release is the audio, as character voices are drastically lower than the background noises thus viewers may find it difficult to hear whats being said. Furthermore audio effects used during the dubbing process (such as when Mashu is talking) make some character voices incredibly difficult to understand, Luckily the English Subtitles can be turned on and off at will for any audio track, but for a series as complex as this, it does become annoying not knowing exactly what is being said. Another (possible) annoyance is that both DVD disc’s default to the Japanese (with English Subtitles) audio format rather than the English audio, but seeing as I feel the English Audio is flawed its not exactly an issue.

Extra features are as you’d expect from a DVD release, minimal but enough to keep viewers entertained after the main series has finished, especially the two English cast commentaries which provide an interesting insight into the English production. Despite how many of these commentaries I listen to, there always seems to be something new or entertaining to listen to.

c_control_review_screenshot (5)

Overall the story itself will see Kimimaro coming to terms with his new found abilities as well as trying to achieve his own solution to the growing economic problems, but before any of that can be achieved he needs to survive onslaught of attacks from other entrepreneurs.While the series is highly entertaining this particular DVD release seems slightly flawed, which is mainly due the English Audio quality, but if you can overlook that then you’ll find yourself watching a highly unique series that gets better with each passing episode.

Score: review-stars-4

C: Control – The Money of Soul and Possibility will be available on DVD from the 14th October 2013.

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