DVD Review: C: Control – The Money of Soul and Possibility – The Complete Series

c_control_review_screenshot (1)What Would you do with endless amounts of money? Well with C: Control – The Money of Soul and Possibility we are about to find out what Kimimaro would do, but what do we think of this DVD Release by MVM Entertainment? Find out in our DVD Review.


Kimimaro is a hard-working college student, raised by his grandmother after his mother died and his father went mysteriously missing. Working at a mini-mart to eke out a meager existence while completing his studies, one night he is approached by a strange, clown-like man. This man has an offer: receive a near-endless supply of money through loans leveraged against one’s future.

Part of the bargain includes joining other “Entrepreneurs” and battling with animal-like “Assets” to gain money directly tied to their lives. Intrigued, Kimimaro finds himself fighting alongside his Asset, Mshyu, and inadvertently discovers the twisted ties that secretly hold the World’s economy together as well as his own family’s past. Read more of this post