Game Review: Amnesia: Memories (PS Vita)


Remember those text-based adventure games you used to read as a kid whereby you would reach a fork in the road and it would say “turn to page 46 to turn right” or “turn to page 54 to turn left”? Well this is pretty much what Amnesia: Memories is except this time instead of going on an epic adventure to slay a dragon you are actually trying to retrieve your lost memories and find your true love.

If you are looking for Japanese-themed-action game or an RPG with visual novel elements then you may as well stop reading and look elsewhere; as Amnesia: Memories is pure visual novel, an Otome Game if you prefer, with little to no input from the player. Does this make Amnesia: Memories a boring experience? Far from it – and this is coming from a first time player of the genre – as instead it offers five engaging storyline types and seventeen possible endings that YOU the player must work toward. Read more of this post

Gloczus to port Amnesia: Memories to iOS and Android


Following on from Gloczus’s release of Hakuoki onto the iOS and Android platform the mobile studio is at it again with Idea Factory International’s upcoming PS Vita and Steam release of Amnesia: Memories.

Gloczus is aiming to port this PS Vita and Steam game to the iOS and Android platform, much like they did with Hakuoki, whereby all gameplay content will remain intact and ‘visually’ the same quality. Exact details are still to be confirmed, such as release plan or pricing structure, but we do know that it is expected for release at the end of this month at the earliest. Read more of this post

First Gameplay Trailer for Amnesia: Memories Showcases Gameplay Features


The anime adaptation of the visual-novel game may already be available on DVD and Blu-ray within the UK but Idea Factory International is still keen to help promote the game within Europe; as today a brand new gameplay trailer for Amnesia: Memories has been released. Read more of this post

Amnesia: Memories To Be Released onto PS Vita and Steam this August


Idea Factory International, the publisher responsible for bringing us the Hyperdimension Neptunia titles to the PS Vita and Steam over the past year or so, have today announced that the visual-novel game Amnesia: Memories will be coming to the PS Vita and Steam in August as a digital download. Read more of this post