Dragon Star Varnir Receives New Details; Including a Collaboration with Nihon Falcom

The western PlayStation 4 release of multi-tiered dragon-styled combat RPG Dragon Star Varnir is fast-approaching, with its release scheduled for the 14th June 2019 within Europe, and today publisher Idea Factory International have revealed some additional new details including a collaboration with popular JPRG develoepr Nihon Falcom.

Firstly the official Dragon Star Varnir website has been updated with a selection of new character based screenshots as well as character biographies for even more characters found within the game; these character bios can also be found below.

A witch who conducts research back at the den. She is consumed with her quest for knowledge. If you give her ingredients she seeks, she will grant you a reward. She has absolutely no interest in caring for anyone.
She is the keeper of the Witch’s Workshop. This doll was made and enchanted by Zuba, and she has a habit of talking a little strangely. That said, she does her job very well and has knowledge of the most elusive elixirs.
Zuba’s pet with a feisty mouth. It looks like a mix between a black cat and a bat, and it is the keeper of the second-hand shop.
Zephy’s friend in the Knights of Requiem. He has a strong sense of justice and he always takes care of those in trouble. He has mixed feeling upon finding out that Zephy is now the target of the witch hunt.
Secondly Idea Factory International announced a special collaboration with Nihon Falcom to see a variety of different Dragons incorperated into the game; each of which can only be encountered during selective portions of Dragon Star Varnir. The following Dragons will be available in the game.
  • Ancient Dragon Ragnard (The Legend of Heroes: Trails In The Sky SC)
  • Zoro-Agruga (Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel)
  • True Zoro Agruga (The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III)

Players must reach certain conditions to unlock a quest and fight these giant dragons. Each dragon has a unique attack pattern that players must recognize to defeat it. By defeating these dragons, players can then access their unique Dragon Cores and skill sets.

Dragon Star Varnir is planned for a PlayStation 4 release and will be available, both physically and digitally, from the 14th June 2019.

About Scott Emsen
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