Quick Look: Bleach – Series 15 Part 2


Its ironic that listings for the sixteenth season of Bleach appeared before the remaining episodes of the fifteenth season did; but never-the-less here we are with Series 15 Part 2 of Bleach on DVD and just like the past instalments i’ll be taking a quick look at it to see whats on offer.

As we have come to expect Bleach – Series 15 Part 2 arrives with three DVD Discs and sees episodes 330 – 342 spread across them; additionally, as this is a KAZE produced disc, each disc contains a trailer before the menu and, on the two later discs at least, bonus content in the form of textless songs and openings.  Both the disc artwork and menu layout are exactly the same as the previous Bleach – Series 15 Part 1 release, so there is nothing new to report here, but what is interesting is that each disc contains a brand new trailer; with a trailer for Teknai Knights drawning the most attention as it has never seen a UK release, other than a videogame by Bandai Namco Entertainment.


I could speculate all-day about the Tenkai Knights trailer being included, but we previously mentioned it here, so instead i’ll carry on. In regards to episode content then we once again see both the human world and the soul society in turmoil; with the new enemy threat, now revealed as Inaba, causing all sorts of destruction and problems across both worlds while attempting to find the modified soul known as Nozomi; who is currently under protection of our lead group of characters. In retrospect this collection of episodes is just one fight after another, with all of our favourite characters getting their own screentime, including Head Captain Yamaoto who eventually steps-in to take a crack at Inaba.

Bleach – Series 15 Part 2 resumes, and finishes off, what began in the first half of this series; and while a few surprises appear on screen – such as the loss of Ichigo’s Soul Reaper powers and the appearence of Nozomi’s own Zanpakuto it is pretty much your traditional bleach-filled goodness with all of your favourite characters. Of course those wishing to see an alternate side of the Soul Reaper’s are also catered for; as we also get to see the reasoning behind these Modified Souls and a look at some of the ‘experiments’ which have so far been avoided in the franchise. All-in-all it’s your usual filling of Bleach with some alternate topics and fights with new characters.

Bleach – Series 15 Part 2 will be available on DVD from the 29th June 2015.

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