LET’S PLAY: Yokai Watch Demo (3DS)


Last week Nintendo of Europe released a playable demo of the Yokai Watch onto the Nintendo 3DS eShop and as the game is such a ‘turning point’ for Anime and Nintendo fans so I thought it be a good idea to play the first 15 minutes of the demo to highlight what it has to offer.

In this playable demo of Yokai Watch players will find themselves taking control of Nathan Adams, and his Yokai Sidekick Whisper, as they explore a limited area of the town and help people in need who are suffering from Yokai affected troubles. The challenge here is to find and defeat three different Yokai placed around the map, two of which can be spotted on the map straight away while another can only be found once talking to people in the town. Read more of this post

Yokai Watch European Nintendo 3DS Release Date Confirmed


I guess my prediction was correct! As following on from yesterday’s news of Cartoon Network UK broadcasting Yokai Watch within the UK, Nintendo UK, along with other European divisions of Nintendo, have today confirmed that the Nintendo 3DS game it’s based upon will also be coming to Europe in April. Read more of this post

Yokai Watch to be Broadcast on Cartoon Network UK in April


Yokai Watch will be broadcast on Cartoon Network UK in April the Official Yokai Watch Twitter account has revealed.

It’s currently unclear how many episodes will be shown, or how often it will be shown per week; but the English Dubbed / edited version of the show which sees a young boy collecting Yokai will be broadcast on Cartoon Network UK from the 23rd April 2016. Cartoon Network UK, which is also available in High Definition, is available on Sky and Virgin Media within the UK.

Curious about the show? Then check-out the English Dubbed synopsis (and trailer) below: Read more of this post