Unboxing: Royal Space Force: Wings of Honneamise (Collectors Edition Combo Pack)


Wings of Honneamise, otherwise known as Royal Space Force, is a feature-length anime film with a rather checkered past when it comes to the UK Anime scene; partly because its original release was edited slightly and partly because that edited scene was an attempted rape which felt out-of-place for the character and this particular movie. In any event Anime Limited released it uncut and as Collectors Edition Blu-ray release and today we will be giving it a look. Read more of this post

Anime Limited’s Collector’s Edition Release of Wings of Honneamise Moved Forward


Anime Limited’s UK Collector’s Edition release of Wings of Honneamise seems to be playing a game of russian roulette, or at least something to that effect; as after being delayed numerous times this release is now being moved forward and will now release on the 20th April 2015; which is just over a week away.

The news of this ‘unique’ release date alteration was announced earlier today by the distributor via their social media channels. Read more of this post

Wings Of Honneamise and HAL Receive New Release Dates


Following on from last-weeks major release date shake-up Anime Limited have today come-back with some good news; this time surrounding the release of Wings Of Honneamise and HAL.

For starters Anime Limited’s Collectors Edition release of Wings Of Honneamise, which was originally expected to release at the end of this month, will now be released on the 27th April 2015; which is the same day as the Tiger & Bunny movies. On the other hand the standard edition of HAL has been pushed forward to the 23rd March 2015.

In addition to the release date confirmations Anime Limited have revealed that they will be attending various expo’s across the country throughout the year with full details available in this weeks newswire.

Anime Limited Makes ‘Massive’ Release Date Alterations to it’s March 2015 Line-Up


Things never seem to run smoothly for Anime Limited, especially when it comes to their release schedules, however things have never been as bad as this. If you read the recent Anime Limited newswire then you may already be aware of what i’m going to say; but the sad news is that every single one of Anime Limited’s March releases has been altered in some shape or form.

For starters Kill La Kill – Part 2, which was scheduled for a 16th March 2015 release date has now been pushed back until the 23rd March 2015 due to the final artwork not being approved; however even more bad news arrives when this ‘new date’ is also a template and could change at any time. Read more of this post

Anime Limited Teases Collectors Edition Packaging of Wings Of Honneamise

Anime Limited’s upcoming Blu-ray release of Hiroyuki Yamaga’s animated sci-fi film Wings Of Honneamise, or Royal Space Force:: The Wings Of Honneamise if you prefer, is due to be released at the end of next month and to help promote this fact the UK Distributor have released the first images of the Collectors Edition packaging. Read more of this post

Anime Limited Confirms Q1 Release Schedule

Tiger_And_Bunny_Movie_1_Screenshot (1)

Anime Limited, or more commonly known as All The Anime, have recently taken to their blog to confirm their Q1 (January to March) release schedule and despite the distributor not having many licenses the schedule actually looks pretty jam-packed. Read more of this post

All The Anime Unveils Q4 2014 Release Schedule

tengen-toppa-gurren-lagann-1As of late All The Anime have been rather quiet with their plans for upcoming anime releases; especially after the successful Kickstarter campaigns for Patema Inverted and Mai Mai Miracle. Well that is about to change as All The Anime have today taken to their blog to reveal the full Q4 2014 release Schedule and there is a few surprises in-store.

September 2014:

  • Gurren Lagann: Ultimate Edition -> SRP £149.99
  • Gurren Lagann: DVD Collector’s Edition -> SRP: £49.99
  • Gurren Lagann: TV Blu-Ray collection -> SRP £59.99 (changed from £79.99 SRP in exchange for an Amaray box)

October 2014:

  • HAL: Collectors Edition Combi-Pack -> SRP: £34.99
  • Blood Lad – Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray -> SRP: £49.99
  • Blood Lad – DVD edition -> SRP: £34.99
  • Patema Inverted – Ultimate Edition -> SRP: £84.99
  • Patema Inverted – Collector’s Edition -> SRP: £34.99
  • Patema Inverted – Regular Edition -> SRP: £24.99

November 2014:

  • Wings of Honneamise – Collector’s Edition Combi-pack -> SRP £34.99
  • Wings of Honneamise – DVD edition -> SRP £17.99
  • Space Dandy – Blu-Ray Collector’s Edition -> SRP £69.99
  • Space Dandy – DVD Collector’s Edition -> SRP £49.99

December 2014:

  • Mystery Film – Collector’s Edition Combi-pack -> SRP £34.99
  • Mystery Film – DVD Edition – SRP £19.99
  • TENTATIVE: Kill la Kill – Part 1 Collector’s Edition Combi-pack SRP: £59.99

It’s worth nothing that all Ultimate and Collectors Edition bundles will receive artbooks and come in a rigid chipboard case (similar to that of Cowboy Bebop / Tiger & Bunny Movie); furthermore the Blood Lad sets will include the OVA Episodes.

It’s nice to see All The Anime starting to push a larger range of releases out onto the market; as other than Kickstarter Campaigns or cinematic releases we haven’t heard much from them. Furhtermore while the ‘release month’ has been confirmed the actual release date for each title (other than Gurren Lagann) has yet to be announced so some waiting is still in order.


Anime Limited Announces Wings of Honneamise for Home Video Release


As part of Anime Limited’s build-up to MCM Comic Con announcements the UK Anime distributor have announced on their website that they have acquried the UK Home video distribution rights to the 1987 feature-length-movie Wings of Honneamise, a film produced by GAINAX and directed by Hiroyuki Yamaga.

Set in a world eerily similar to our own, war between the Kingdom of Honneamise and its archrival, The Republic, seems inevitable. But even as the two nations’ rapidly evolving technology creates new ways to wage greater and more deadly forms of warfare, a small group seeks to use those same advances to propel mankind forward into the future and into space in their world’s first manned spaceflight program.

For astronaut candidate Shirotsugh Lhadatt, it’s not just a journey beyond the reach of the atmosphere, but a personal odyssey as he grows from an aimless young man into a leader willing to put everything on the line in order to move the human race forward and away from the brink of Armageddon.

Wings of Honneamise is a ‘old-skool’ anime film, and as such will appeal to the older generations of anime fans, especially to those who liked the art style of the late eighties.

Anime Limited plans to release Wings of Honneamise onto standard DVD and collectors edition Blu-ray and DVD Combo Pack later this year.