VIZ Media Europe Rebrands as Crunchyroll

VIZ Media Europe have announced that they have now transitioned and re-branded into simply Crunchyroll; with all relevant services, such as KAZÉ, Anime on Demand, Anime Digital Network, now being a part of the Crunchyroll family. This deal not only sees VIZ Media Europe change their name, but it also sees their teams and wide network of partners, distributors, and licensees be part of the Crunchyroll brand. Read more of this post

VIZ Media Europe to Publish Dragon Ball Super & Boruto: Naruto Next Generation Manga


This could potentially be classed as old news; however it’s been brought to our attention (thanks to listings on Amazon UK) that VIZ Media Europe will be publishing the English localised manga releases for Boruto: Naruto Next Generation and Dragon Ball Super. Read more of this post

Could Magi: The Kingdom of Magic Be Coming to Home Video in the UK Very Soon?

Magi_Season_1_Part_1_Screenshot (1)

File this under slightly old news; but Magi: The Kingdom of Magic, which is the sequal -or second season if you prefer- to the previously released Magi: Labyrinth of Magic could be coming to home video in the UK very shortly… that is if you follow the bread crums. Read more of this post