Anime Limited Postpones Violet Evergarden Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray Release Due to Visual Quality Concerns

Those looking forward to Anime Limited’s upcoming Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray release of Violet Evergarden, which was due for release on the 11th January 2021, will have to wait a little bit longer, as the distributor have announced pans to postpone the set until better quality masters have been produced. Read more of this post

Anime Limited Announcement Round-Up from Cloud Matsuri November 2020

With COVID-19 continuing to cause disruption across the globe Anime Limited have once again taken to hosting a second digital Cloud Matsuri event and, as with all good events, Anime Limited hosted a ‘traditional’ industry panel which saw updates on previously announced titles as well as confirmation of exciting new additions to their catalogue. Read more of this post

Gundam NT and Violet Evergarden Blu-Ray Releases Delayed Until 2021

Following on from this week’s delay of Gundam Seed HD Ultimate Edition the UK anime distributor Anime Limited have now quietly confirmed delays to the feature-length-film Mobile Suit Gundam NT and the complete series release of Violet Evergarden. Read more of this post

Violet Evergarden Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray Announced for November Release

Anime Limited, otherwise known as All The Anime, have today lifted the lid on what fans can expect from the Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray release of Violet Evergarden, a Kyoto Animation project that is also available to stream on Netflix. Read more of this post

Ride Your Wave, Millennium Actress and Violet Evergarden To Receive Limited Cinematic Screenings in the UK

Anime Limited have announced that Satoshi Kon’s classic film Millennium Actress will receive a new 4K remastered screening in March as part of the Glasgow Film fest while Masaaki Yuasa’s feature-length-film Ride Your Wave will be screened in selective cinemas around the UK later this month as part of the Japanese Foundation Film Programme. In addition Kyoto Animation’s feature-length-film Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll will also be available at Glasgow Film Fest with a special Q&A with Yui Ishikawa, the voice of Violet int he film. Read more of this post

Beyblade Burst, Forest of Piano and Violet Evergarden Special Now Available on Netflix UK

Netflix UK subscribers will be excited to learn that a selection of new anime related titles have been added to the subscription-based video-on-demand streaming platform during the past week. In this case Beyblade Burst (added 1st October 2018), Forest of Piano (added 28th September 2018) and Violet Evergarden Special (added 4th October 2018) have been added to the streaming platform. Read more of this post

Violet Evergarden and Devilman Crybaby Now Streaming on Netflix UK

Netflix UK continues to expand its selection of anime titles as during the past week the subscription-based video-on-demand service are now offering the Netflix Original anime series Devilman Crybaby as well as Kyoto Animation’s drama series Violet Evergarden for streaming. Read more of this post

Anime Limited To Show First Episode of Violet Evergarden at MCM London Comic Con

Those attending the MCM London Comic Con this weekend will be interested to know that Anime Limited will be showing the first episode of Kyoto Animation’s upcoming anime series Violet Evergarden at the event; as announced on the Anime Limited blog. Read more of this post