Viewster Announces Closure of it’s OMAKASE Subscription Box Service

Remember several months ago when Viewster announced it’s plans to combine a loot-crate styled box with an ad-free streaming subscription? Well after just two bi-monthly boxes being released, and two testing boxes, the service known as OMAKASE has been cancelled.

The news comes from an e-mail sent from CEO Rob Pereyda to business partners explaining that the OMAKASE boxes, and subscription service in general, were not selling in the figures they had expected and that those who did not subscribe were more interested in a ‘streaming subscription’ rather than a combination of streaming and physical product. As a result of this the OMAKASE Service will come to an end this month with the final box, another Hatsune Miku themed box, to those who purchased it during next month. Read more of this post

Unboxing: Viewster OMAKASE Beta Box


Over the past few months the free on-demand-streaming service Viewster have been revealing plans for it’s OMAKASE Subscription service; a subscription model which, unlike Crunchyroll and Animax UK, will offer bi-monthly loot-crate-styled boxes along with its advertisement free streaming service.

Well in order to promote the service, and guage interest in the anime community, Viewster sent out a selection of Beta Boxes to the public (and press) so we thought it would be a good idea to show what you will get for your money. Read more of this post

Viewster’s OMAKASE Panel at MCM London Comic Con


As part of Viewster’s on-going partnership with UK Anime Distributor Anime Limited the two companies decided to form together and host their own panel at the MCM London Comic Con; but unlike the previous panel back in May 2015 Viewster were here to promote their new subscription based service OMAKASE. Read more of this post

Viewster to Stream Comet Lucifer and Seraph of the End – Season 2 This Month


The partnership between Anime Limited and Viewster continues; as over the past few days the free on-demand streaming service Viewster announced that it had acquired the rights to broadcast both Comet Lucifer and Seraph of the End – Season 2 within the UK. Read more of this post

Viewster Introduces New OMAKASE Subscription Service


If you’ve been paying attention to Viewster’s social media channels lately then you may have noticed that they have been ‘teasing‘ a new service known as OMAKASE; a service which will offer lootcrate styled boxes and a way to watch streaming content on their website without the ads. Read more of this post

Arslan: The Warriors of Legend Coming to Xbox One, PS4 & PS3 Next Year


Incase you missed the news last week European distributor Koei Tecmo Europe have announced that they will be bringing the videogame adaptation of The Heroic Legend of Arslan, which will be known as Arslan: The Warriors of Legend, to the UK and Europe for the Xbox One, PS4 and PS3. Read more of this post

Viewster Adds .Hack// Sign, .Hack//Roots and .Hack//Legend of the Twilight To its Streaming Catalogue


Following on from a potential clue earlier in the month Viewster have today announced that .Hack//Sign, .Hack//Roots and .Hack//Legend of the Twilight are all now available to stream on the service within the UK and Europe. Read more of this post

Anime Limited License Gangsta and Chaos Dragon for UK Simulcast on Viewster; Home Video Release To Follow Next Year


Earlier in the month Anime Limited announced it had acquired the UK streaming rights for Castle Town Dandelion and Aoharu x Kikanju, with both shows being stream on Viewster; well today that partnership continues as the UK Anime Distributor has today announced that both they have licensed both GANGSTA and Chaos Dragon for UK Simulcast streaming on viewster.

GANGSTA: In the crime-ridden, mafia-governed city of Ergastulum, Worick and Nicolas are two “handymen” known as “Benriya” who would take any dirty job from either police or mafia — for a good price. After an assignment from police the two met and later joined by Alex, a former prostitute who got interested in the mysterious background of the team, in particular of Nicolas’ abilities.

Chaos Dragon: In the year 3015, the country of Nil Kamui is entwined in a never-ending war between neighbouring countries Dontania and Kouran. Nil Kamui is caught in the middle of this struggle after having lost its independence when it’s guardian god known as Red Dragon went of out control and their monarchs passing away in the tragedy. But now to put an end to the rampage of the Red Dragon, a small group of unlikely allies band together to bring peace and restore order back to the world.

That’s not all either; as Anime Limited have also confirmed that both titles will receive a UK Home Video release, most likely DVD and Blu-ray, sometime in 2016 – with further details to be confirmed in due time. For the time being at least these shows will appear on a weekly basis via Viewster; and better yet Viewster is a FREE (and legal) streaming service; so there is no excuse not to give these shows a watch.

Anime Limited Licenses Castle Town Dandelion for Simulcast on Viewster; Home Video Release to Follow Next Year


Earlier in the week Anime Limited announced that they had licensed Aoharu x Kikanju for Simulcast on the free global streaming service Viewster; and today that trend continues with Castle Town Dandelion (also known as Jōkamachi no Dandelion)- another series which will be simulcast on Viewster for the UK. Read more of this post

Anime Limited Licenses Aoharu x Kikanju for Simulcast on Viewster

Aoharu x Kikanju

It seems the partnership between Anime Limited and Viewster continues to grow; as earlier this week Anime Limited announced that they have secured the UK and Ireland simulcast streaming rights for Aoharu x Kikanju; which is a new anime series that will be broadcast this summer in Japan, and that the show itself will be broadcast on Viewster. Read more of this post