London MCM Comic Con October 2014 Anime License Round-Up


It may have been another busy weekend at this years London MCM Comic Con but when it comes to Anime License Announcements then it was pretty much non-existent; that is unless you are MVM Entertainment.

Anyway the traditional ‘announcement panel’ was replaced with a simple Q&A session, mainly because the announcements were made online throughout the weekend and because the head honchos for Manga UK and MVM UK were busy doing other tasks; either way the complete license announcement throughout the entire MCM Comic Con weekend is as follows: Read more of this post

Unboxing: Psycho Pass – Series 1 Part 1 (Blu-ray / DVD Combo Pack) [USA]


When FUNimation released Psycho Pass onto Blu-ray and DVD within America two different versions of the series were available, a limited edition premium set which contained the complete series with a variety of phsyical bonus content, and two half-season sets. Well today i’ll be taking a look at one of those ‘half-season’ sets, namely Psycho Pass Series 1 Part 1.

To start off with the series is completely region free, with both the DVD Discs and Blu-ray Discs being compatible within the UK, America, Australia and Europe, however Manga Entertainment UK will be releasing this set (Series 1 Part 1) during July as an individual Blu-ray and DVD. Read more of this post

Unboxing: Michiko & Hatchin – Part 1 (Limited Edition Blu-ray / DVD Combo Pack) [USA]


Our latest unboxing it’s non-other than FUNimation’s Limited Edition release of Michiko & Hatchin, also known as Michiko To Hatchin, Part 1 –  a series which has yet to be licensed for home video release within the UK.

The only difference between this ‘Limited Edition’ bundle and ‘standard’ versions of Michiko & Hatchin – Part 1 is that the limited Edition includes a carded artbox that can fit box sets into a single series. It’s a common theme with FUNimation releases, and a trend that is starting to appear in the UK (MVM’s Fate/Zero release), but because of this the price usually increases. Read more of this post

Unboxing: Girls Und Panzer – The Complete OVA Collection (Blu-ray) [USA]


With MVM Entertainment to release both the TV Series and OVA Collection of Girls Und Panzer onto Blu-ray this year i decided to ‘dive ahead’ and pick-up the American Sentai Filmworks release of the OVA Collection to see exactly what’s in store, so lets get it unboxed!

As you may already be aware the US Release of Girls Und Panzer OVA Collection is Region B Compatible, so it will work perfectly fine on UK Blu-ray players and consoles, however despite this i’d recomend waiting for the official UK release – mainly because its cheaper. The US Release is around $30 / £18, without shipping, meanwhile the UK release is available to pre-order for £15, so if you wait that little bit extra you’ll save some money and support the UK Anime industry. Read more of this post

Dragon Ball & K Unboxing Videos Begin Streaming on MangaUK’s Youtube Channel


As you may already know we love a good unboxing (as seen in our unboxing selection) and it seems so does Jeremy, the community liason for Manga Entertainment UK, as he has recently uploaded not one, but two unboxing videos for upcoming anime titles, namely Dragon Ball – Collection 1 and K – The Complete Series, both of which are being released next month.

You can see our thoughts on Dragon Ball – Collection 1 and K – The Complete Series in our Reviews of each, but in the meantime you can check out the unboxing videos below.

Dragon Ball – Collection 1 (DVD):


K – The Complete Series (Blu-ray / DVD Combo Pack)

Demonstration: Using the Title Search Method on Sentai Region Locked Titles


As many of you may already be aware the original idea for this blog/site was to provide a list of Anime Blu-ray titles that work perfectly fine on UK Blu-ray players and consoles, however in the past few weeks I’ve had several people ask me about the infamous title search method, a method which allows a variety of Sentai produced Region locked titles to work on UK Blu-ray players. Well today I will explain what it is and show you how to do it. Read more of this post

Unboxing: Fairy Tail – Part 7 (Blu-ray / DVD Combo Pack) [USA]


It’s time for another ‘rather late’ unboxing video and this time it’s the American Blu-ray / DVD Combo Pack release of Fairy Tail – Part 7.

Just like with the previous ‘Fairy Tail’ volumes this seventh instalment contains 12 episodes over two DVD discs and two Blu-ray discs inside a single (rather flimsy) DVD Case. The episode content sees the Fairy Tail storyline taken into new uncharted areas, as the entire Fairy Tail guild is warped to an alternate universe whereby an evil king is trying to steal magic power for himself. It’s an entertaining storyline and it also provides some unexpected surprises, especially for Happy and Carla. Read more of this post

Unboxing: Sword Art Online – Part 1 (Limited Edition Collectors Box Blu-ray) [AUS]


You maybe wondering why I am doing another ‘unboxing’ of Sword Art Online – Part 1 and the answer is simple, this is the Limited Edition Collectors Box version which is currently only available within Australia. What differences does it offer? Well lets take a look.

As it stands Sword Art Online – Part 1 is currently available as two different versions in Australia, a standard and Collectors Box version, with the Collectors Box including an art box that allows all four volumes to fit into, thus making it look like a complete series set as opposed to four individual cases. Whichever version you choose the disc content remains the same as the UK release, with the only difference being the art work and that the UK version includes a DVD in addition to the Blu-ray. Read more of this post

Unboxing: Eureka Seven: AO – Part 2 (Blu-ray / DVD Combo Pack) [USA]


It’s time for another unboxing video and this time we take a look at the American Blu-ray / DVD Combo Pack release of Eureka Seven AO – Part 2 which, as you’d expect, looks fantastic in High Definition.

Just like with the previous Part 1 Combo Pack Release (which we also unboxed) Part 2 contains the remaining episodes of the series and the OVA episode across two DVD discs and two Blu-ray discs, all of which are presented inside a standard Blu-ray Case. The carded sleeve (which features Eureka on the front) is mimicked on the sleeve on the inside but more importantly (for it to match the artwork of Part 1) the sleeve can be reversed. A feature proved useful if you bought the Limited Edition Artbox version of Part 1 (as it all matches). Read more of this post

Anime Limited Releases Gurren Lagann Trailer


News on the upcoming Blu-ray (and DVD) release of Gurren Lagann has been rather quiet of late, however Anime Limited (aka All The Anime) decided to change that fact earlier today when they released their very own English dubbed trailer for the series.

The trailer features scenes, and audio quotes, from the early episodes of the series – so of course some “one liners” and “trademark speeches” may sound different to how you remember them. Exact details of how the series will be released, it is currently presumed two half-season sets like Cowboy Bebop was, have yet to be revealed however we do know the series will be released onto Blu-ray and DVD next year – that is currently a fact.