Bakugan: Battle Planets To Be Broadcast on POP! This September

POP!, the Sony TV owned network, have announced that they will be broadcasting Bakugan: Battle Planets, which is a reboot of the previous Bakugan: Battle Brawlers anime series, this September on UK TV. Read more of this post

Dragon Ball Super on POP! UK TV Broadcast Details Announced

POP!, the Sony owned TV network, have announced through an updated TV advert that Dragon Ball Super will begin broadcasting in the UK on Monday 1st July 2019 (which is tomorrow) at 7pm; with new episodes shown at the same time each weekday. POP! is available on Freeview 206, Sky 616, Freesat 606 and Virgin Media 736. Read more of this post

Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl Now Broadcasting on POP! within the UK

Sony owned free-to-view TV channel POP! continues to expand its selection of Pokemon content by going back to the Sinnoh region as this week Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl began broadcasting on POP! in the UK with new episodes shown every weekday at 6:30pm and 7pm. POP! is available on Freeview 206, Sky 616, Freesat 603, Virgin 736, and a schedule can be found on the official website. Read more of this post

Pokemon The Series: XYZ Now Broadcasting on POP!

Following on from Pokemon The Series XY and Pokemon The Series: XY: Kalos Quest the Sony Owned UK TV Channel POP! have begun broadcasting Pokemon The Series: XYZ this week, with new episodes being broadcast each day. Read more of this post

Pokemon Black & White: Adventures In Unova Now Broadcasting on POP! MAX

POP! MAX continues to broadcast older generations of the Pokemon TV Anime as following on from Pokemon Black & White as well as Pokemon Black & White: Rival Destines, which broadcast on sister TV channel POP!, the network are now broadcasting the final installment into the Black & White timeline; Pokemon Black & White: Adventures In Unova as well as Pokemon Black & White: Adventures In Unova and Beyond. Read more of this post

Pokemon: Black & White TV Series Now Broadcast on POP Max within the UK

Pokemon The Series: Sun & Moon, which is currently being broadcast on CITV, may be the latest Pokemon anime TV series but those wishing to take a trip back to the Unova region will be excited to learn that the TV channel POP Max, formly known as KIX!, have now started broadcasting episodes of Pokemon: Black & White on a daily basis. Read more of this post

Pokemon Origins and Pokemon XY Mega-Evolution Specials To Be Broadcast on CITV This Weekend


It’s time to get your TV’s tuned-in and recorders on stand-by; as this weekend the CITV Channel (Freeview 122, Sky 621 and Freesat 602) will be hosting a Mini Pokemon marathon on both Saturday and Sunday morning.

Starting on Saturday 18th July 2015 at 8:30am the two Mega-Evolution Specials, taken from the Pokemon XY Series, will be shown back-to-back; afterwhich all four episodes of Pokemon Origins, the spin-off series which closely follows the events of the original Pokemon Red videogame, will be shown.

Meanwhile on Sunday 19th July 2015, and once again starting at 8:30am, six episodes from the second season of Pokemon XY: The Series will be shown back-to-back.

If you’ve yet to see any of these episodes, especially the Mega-Evolution and Pokemon Origin specials, then this weekend is the perfect time to watch them.

East Asia Television Outlines the Daily Programming Schedule


East Asia Television, the upcoming satellite provided TV channel that promises to air anime and Japanese drama’s early next year has recently outlined the daily programming schedule for when the channel becomes active.

No details of what exactly the channel will be showing are listed, although they have been having weekly (and monthly) polls on the website to see which anime to broadcast on launch day, but it does show how the channel will operate on a daily basis, with child-friendly themed shows presented during the day with mature-uncut-anime shown in the late evenings.

  • Early Mornings is set for child based programming (Inc. kids animé old and new)
  • Late Morning* will contain drama, features, technology and review shows along with day edits of programming.
  • Afternoons will contain a variety of programming, such as imported chat shows and further Late Morning* content.
  • Evening will feature our most prestigious series (exclusives/live concerts/simulcasts) as well as evening edit programming.
  • Night & Late Night will be the place to catch up on full unedited versions of programmes shown in the day as well as some series that is aimed at a more mature audience (but are just as good).

As with all upcoming events the schedule can change without notice, furthermore East Asia Television has said that anime will not fill the entire line-up going into 2015, so it seems that anime will be the focus for its first year (or so) of broadcasting with different types of programming becoming available in the future.