Game Review: JYDGE (Switch)

Earlier in the month Finland-based-development studio 10tons released Neon Chrome, a top-down cyberpunk sci-fi styled twin-stick-shooter, onto the Nintendo Switch; and now the developer have released it’s prequel JYDGE onto the same platform. So; with this being said what does JYDGE offer that Neon Chrome does not? Well for starters a proper single-player campaign but thats just the tip of the iceberg. Read more of this post

JYDGE To Be Released onto Nintendo Switch This Week

After the successful release of Sparkle 2 and Neon Chrome onto the Nintendo Switch 10Tons Ltd are back again with their next Nintendo Switch release; this time JYDGE. Read more of this post

Neon Chrome & Sparkle 2 Now Available for the Nintendo Switch

Neon Chrome & Sparkle 2 may not be the usual ‘anime styled’ Japanese product you would expect to receive on this site; but as I enjoyed playing the Xbox One variations of these games I thought it would be best to share the news that both games have now arrived onto the Nintendo Switch through Finland based publisher and development studio 10tons ltd. Read more of this post