Movie Review: PROMARE

Studio TRIGGER’s first independent animated film, PROMARE, ignites the fires of familiarity with references and hints to past works, including both GURREN LAGGAN and KILL LA KILL; but surprisingly most people seem to compare it with the currently simulcast streaming series Fire Force. Personally I do not see the resemblance, other than both containing fire fighters; but I haven’t watched Fire Force myself just yet. Regardless PROMARE will satisfy your hunger for STUDIO TRIGGER and even more so with its insanely addictive soundtrack. Read more of this post

Kill La Kill – Part 1 Release Date Moved Forward


It’s not often we hear good news surrounding UK Anime releases but that’s about to change as All The Anime’s upcoming release of Kill La Kill – Part 1 has been moved forward by nearly a whole month.

Originally scheduled for release on the 8th December 2014 the first instalment will now be made available on the 17th November 2014 in Collectors Edition form on both DVD and Blu-ray. It’s unclear ‘why’ the date has been moved forward, or for what purpose, but it does mean we get to receive the first instalment, which contains 9 episodes, a lot sooner than originally expected. Read more of this post