Japan Film Foundation’s Miss Houksai and Anthem of the Heart UK Cinema Locations Confirmed

Miss Hokusai

Anime Limited, along with the Japan Film Foundation’s group, have recently revealed the list of locations that Miss Hokusai and Anthem of the Heart will be shown througout the cinematic tour in February and March.

As you’d expect Miss Hokusai will receive a more dominate display of screens, with the film being shown spread across the country, while Anthem of the Heart will be shown across limited locations. Read more of this post

Scotland Loves Animation To Go on Tour Around Scotland This Summer


Anime fans in Scotland will be interested to hear that the Anime Festival Scotland Loves Animation will be going on tour, with it bringing a variety of Anime films to various venues across Scotland.

If you do not live in Scotland, or can’t get up there, then obviously this news will be a bit of a disappointment – but its nice to see Anime films being taken seriously and used in mysterious new ways. Anyway the tour has ‘technically’ already started, as it began on the 18th April 2014, but the first film being shown isn’t until 11th May 2014 so there is still some time to book seats and arrange travel. Read more of this post