MVM Licenses ToraDora for UK Blu-ray Release


Continuing the trend of “long-overdue” Blu-ray announcements, MVM Entertainment have today unveiled that they have acquired the UK distribution rights to ToraDora and that it will be released onto Blu-ray, and presumably, DVD later this year.

We’re pleased to announce that the ink has now dried and we can reveal that firm fan-favourite (and ours too) ToraDora will be hitting the UK this year on Blu Ray.

Exact details, such as price, release date and contents, will be reveled in the coming months – but it will be released later this year on Blu-ray (and DVD) if everything goes to plan. In the meantime MVM has also provided a brief synopsis of what to expect from ToraDora.

Join Ryuji Takasu, a guy with a good heart but glowering eyes as he encounters the force of nature that is Taiga Aisaka – small, cute and dangerous to know. As Taiga is best friends with Ryuji’s childhood friend and secret crush Minori, he’ll have to tame the Taiga before his love life can get back on track.

ToraDora is a series produced by J.C. Staff, the same studio behind Okami-San and her Seven Companions and Shakugan No Shana, so fans of these series will undoubtedly enjoy this one. Furthermore the series spans 25 episodes, so it will be interesting to see if MVM attempts to release a complete box-set as opposed to a half season set. 
Either way ToraDora is finally confirmed for UK release and it’s expected to be released on Blu-ray (and presumably DVD) later this year, with more details to be confirmed in the coming months.