Toco Toco TV Interviews Animation Producer Shoji Murahama


Here is something a little bit different; Toco Toco TV recently interviewed Animation Producer Shoji Murahama whyo is an ex-Gainax (Gunbuster, Nadia) employee, co-founder of Gonzo studio (Hellsing, Blue Submarine6, Samurai7) and is now a producer at Emon, a new sino-japanese animation studio; and the interview has now been made public on Toco Toco TV’s Youtube Channel. Read more of this post

Toco Toco TV Show Sees Ghost in the Shell Music Composer Kenji Kawai Interviewed

toco kenji kawai_interview
The Japanese Discovery Show Toco Toco TV, which is broadcast on Youtube as well as France and Japan, has recently conducted an Interview with Patlabor and Ghost in the Shell Music Composer Kenji Kawai which highlights his life in Japan and as well as experiences working as a composer for various anime projects. Read more of this post