Anime Limited Makes Minor Adjustments to Its Q2 Release Schedule; Fate/kaleid liner Prisim Illya coming in July


Following on from days of speculation that numerous Anime Limited titles, specifically Tiger & Bunny: The Rising and Baccano, had been delayed Anime Limited’s latest Newswire has today confirmed what we already assumed; that they have been delayed. Read more of this post

Delays, Delays and More Delays as Both Nisekoi: False Love and Tiger & Bunny: The Rising Release Dates Slip (again)


After a few days of speculation the news of ‘further delays’ to two upcoming anime releases has been confirmed; with both KAZE’s Nisekoi: False Love – Season 1 Part 1 and Anime Limited’s Tiger & Bunny: The Rising being pushed back by well-over a month.

Neither company has yet to ‘express’ why these delays have happened, and in regards to Kaze’s release we will probably never know, but its yet again another disappointing time to be an anime fan.

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Tiger & Bunny: The Rising Delayed Until Next Month

Tiger_And_Bunny_Movie_1_Screenshot (1)

The release date alterations continue for Anime Limited; as while their Collectors Edition release of Wings of Honneamise may have been moved-up to the 27th April 2015 the release of Tiger & Bunny: The Rising has now been pushed back until the 25th May 2015.

According to the latest newswire by Anime Limited this is due to assets not being received from the licensor; additionally the ‘planned’ Tiger & Bunny double pack – which saw both movies combined into a single package – is no longer an option due to the films being produced by two different companies.

So in short; Tiger & Bunny – The Rising will now be released on the 25th May 2015 as a Collectors Edition Combo Pack and the plans to release a Tiger & Bunny Double Movie Pack have now been scapped.

Anime Limited Makes ‘Massive’ Release Date Alterations to it’s March 2015 Line-Up


Things never seem to run smoothly for Anime Limited, especially when it comes to their release schedules, however things have never been as bad as this. If you read the recent Anime Limited newswire then you may already be aware of what i’m going to say; but the sad news is that every single one of Anime Limited’s March releases has been altered in some shape or form.

For starters Kill La Kill – Part 2, which was scheduled for a 16th March 2015 release date has now been pushed back until the 23rd March 2015 due to the final artwork not being approved; however even more bad news arrives when this ‘new date’ is also a template and could change at any time. Read more of this post

Anime Limited Unveils Q2 2015 Release Schedule


As part of their weekly newswire announcement Anime Limited have today unveiled their ‘expected’ Q2 (April – June) 2015 release schedule and it actually looks pretty busy with numerous titles being released each month.

Of course some of these releases are ‘standard edition’ re-releases, such as HAL, but there are a few surprises in-store; as you can see from the list below: Read more of this post