Unboxing: Girls Und Panzer – The Complete OVA Collection (Blu-ray) [USA]


With MVM Entertainment to release both the TV Series and OVA Collection of Girls Und Panzer onto Blu-ray this year i decided to ‘dive ahead’ and pick-up the American Sentai Filmworks release of the OVA Collection to see exactly what’s in store, so lets get it unboxed!

As you may already be aware the US Release of Girls Und Panzer OVA Collection is Region B Compatible, so it will work perfectly fine on UK Blu-ray players and consoles, however despite this i’d recomend waiting for the official UK release – mainly because its cheaper. The US Release is around $30 / £18, without shipping, meanwhile the UK release is available to pre-order for £15, so if you wait that little bit extra you’ll save some money and support the UK Anime industry. Read more of this post