DVD Review: The Familiar of Zero F – The Complete Series

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It’s been a long-time-coming; but the final series of The Familiar of Zero will soon be upon us – so does love overcome all dangers? Well according to this series yes! but what did i think of this DVD release of the The Familiar of Zero F by MVM Entertainment? Well find out below!


Their relationship has been building ever since she first accidentally kidnapped him from Earth, but even with all they’ve been though together, are Saito and Louise ready to take their relationship to the next level? The answer, sadly, will have to wait, as once again events in Halkeginia are running out of control and Saito and Louise find themselves, along with several other Void Mages, pressed into service to save the world.

And while any mission involving Void Magic is sure to suck at some point, the suck-age is certain to be compounded by the fact that one of the mages they’ll be working with is the amply endowed elf Tiffania. Who may have designs on getting familiar with Saito herself. Betrayals, reversals and the inevitable side trip to the hot springs lie ahead as the evil plots get plottier, the dysfunctional relationships get even more dysfunctional, and lots of stuff goes BOOM for only vaguely justifiable reasons! Read more of this post

Familiar of Zero F Blu-ray and DVD Release Date Announced


It’s no secret that MVM Entertainment have been wanting to acquire the fourth season of The Familiar of Zero; and today the UK Distributor finally dropped the bombshell by announcing it’s UK release date.

Due for release on the 9th May 2016 this fourth and final season of The Familiar of Zero, otherwise known as The Familiar of Zero F, will be released on DVD and Blu-ray in Japanese and English Subtitles. The set will contain all 12 episodes of the series and, judging from the template box-art, will feature the same on-disc content as the Australian version of the series. Read more of this post