Selection of MVM Titles for January 2016 Receive Minor Delays


If MVM Entertainment wanted to start the year on a high note then unfortunately thats not going to be the case; as the UK Anime Distributor has revealed that a selection of it’s titles will receive minor delays next year; more specifically The Eccentric Family, Hidamari Sketch and  No Game No Life. Read more of this post

Blu-ray Review: The Eccentric Family – The Complete Series


MVM Entertainment’s latest Blu-ray release is non-other-than the obscure The Eccentric Family; but is it any good? Well let’s find out in our Blu-ray Review.


In modern day Kyoto, humans live in the city, tengus take to the sky, and tanukis roam the earth. One such tanuki is Yasaburo, the third son of Soichiro Shimogamo, famed tanuki leader who met his end far too early at the hands of a group of humans and their year-end banquet hot pot. Yasaburo has since embraced his “fool’s blood” and strives for a happy, carefree life.

But between taking care of his old tengu master Akadama-sensei, avoiding the life-threatening advances of the beautiful human Benten, dealing with his dangerously stupid twin cousins, and avoiding becoming a hot pot himself in the next year-end banquet, the young tanuki has his proverbial work cut out for him! Read more of this post

Several MVM Titles Delayed; Meanwhile Newly Announced Titles Receive Release Dates


Those looking forward to a selection of Anime DVD’s and Blu-ray’s being released by MVM Entertainment next month are going to be disappointed; as a wide selection of titles have received some delays according to their online store Anime-On-Line. Read more of this post

MVM To Release The Eccentric Family as a Collectors Edition Blu-ray


MVM Entertainment have recently announced through their social media channels that they will be releasing The Eccentric Family as a Complete Series Collectors Edition on Blu-ray later this year.

This Collectors Edition Blu-ray version of The Eccentric Family is due for release on the 23rd November 2015, with pre-orders now being accepted on the Anime-On-Line store; and it will come bundled with a hardback artwork featuring episode guides, character info and illustrations. Read more of this post