DVD Review: The Asterisk War – Part 2

The Pheonix Festa comes to its explosive conclusion in this second half of the series; but will team-mates Ayato Amagiri and Julis-Alexia von Riessfeld manage to win the event? Well you’ll have to find out for yourselves but here are our thoughts on the UK DVD Release of The Asterisk War – Part 2 via MVM Entertainment. Read more of this post

DVD Review: The Asterisk War – Part 1

It has been two years since Bandai Namco Entertainment released A.W. Phoenix Fiesta, a PlayStation Vita game which allowed fans to experience the ‘Phoenix Fiesta’ portion of The Asterisk War through their own user generated character; and now MVM Entertainment are bringing us the anime series on both Blu-ray and DVD within the UK starting with this first cour instalment of the series. What can one expect? Well let’s take a look and find out! Read more of this post

MVM Entertainment Delays UK Releases of Asterisk War, Bakuon and Sword Oratoria

Those looking forward to MVM Entertainment’s DVD and Blu-Ray releases for August will be disappointed to learn that all of them, with the exception of Flip Flappers DVD release, have been pushed back to the end August. Read more of this post

The Asterisk War – Part 1 Release Pushed Back Into August

Those looking forward to MVM Entertainment’s upcoming Blu-Ray and DVD release of The Asterisk War – Part 1 will be disappointed to learn that the release has been delayed into August; more specifically the 6th August 2018. Read more of this post

Fate/EXTRA Last Encore, Fate/Grand Order -First Order- and The Asterisk War Now Available on Netflix UK

A new month means new Netflix additions and during the weekend three Aniplex related titles were added to the subscription-based video-on-demand plaform; in this case Fate/EXTRA: Last Encore, Fate/Grand Order -First Order and The Asterisk War have all been added to Netflix UK. Read more of this post

The Asterisk War – Season 1 & Fate/Grand Order – First Order- To Arrive on Netflix UK Next Month

Netflix UK will once again expand it’s anime content next month as the subscription based video-on-demand platform will add two new Aniplex titles; in this case the complete first season of The Asterisk War as well as the first film in the Fate/Grand Order universe; that is according to new additions listed by Den of Geek. Read more of this post

MCM London Comic Con May 2018 Anime Announcement Summary

With the May 2018 MCM London Comic Con firmly behind us it is now time to sum-up what was announced during the course of the weekend, and while not much was announced – namely around six titles per distributor – we did see some surprising and noteworthy titles being confirmed. Read more of this post

MVM To Release The Asterisk War on Blu-Ray & DVD; July 2018 Release Schedule Confirmed

The MCM London Comic Con is a mere few hours away but surprising product listing updates on MVM Entertainment’s online store ‘Anime-On-Line’ have revealed that MVM will be releasing The Asterisk War on both Blu-Ray and DVD in the UK. Read more of this post

Game Review: A.W.: Phoenix Festa (PS Vita)

AW-Phoenix-Festa-Review-Screenshot (4)

Publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment continues to push out those ‘unique’ experiences onto the PS Vita as following on from their recent release of Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS-Force, which is of course a videogame adaptation on a popular franchise, the publisher returns with A.W.: Phoenix Festa a game based upon the popular Japanese anime and manga franchise The Asterisk War.

Personally I find it to be a rather odd choice for Bandai Namco Entertainment to publish a title which has had, in my eyes at least, very little exposure within the European market – especially when other ‘more notable’ franchises exist – but on the other hand I must commend the publisher for trying something different and giving the fans of the franchise something that they want; even if it is a digital only release.

So; what will A.W.: Phoenix Festa offer and is it worth your time? Well let’s take a look.

Read more of this post