Quick Look: Tesla Vs lovecraft (Nintendo Switch)

Tesla Vs Lovecraft is the latest Twin-Stick-Shooter by 10Ton’s Ltd rand while it may seem reminisce to previous twin-stick-shooters released by the Finland based studio, such as Crimsonland and Neon Chrome, it’s actually vastly different. In this case Tesla Vs Lovecraft features a narrative that includes its own ‘comic-book’ styled cut-scenes with voice-acting and a unique power-up that allows players to power-up the a robot for devastating descruction. Read more of this post

Tesla vs Lovecraft Launches on PS4 & Switch This Week

Developer 10tons have announced that Tesla vs Lovecraft, a top-down twin-stick-shooter, will be released onto the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch as a digital download this week; with the PlayStation 4 version also having a 20% discount for PlayStation Plus users. Read more of this post