MVM Entertainment Celebrates Firework Night with Weekend Blu-Ray Sale

UK Anime Distributor MVM Entertainment are celebrating the Bonfire (Guy Fawkes) Night weekend with a massive Blu-Ray sale on the Anime-On-Line webstore. Read more of this post

DVD Review: Super Sonico: The Animation – The Complete Series

super_sonico_dvd_screenshot (6)

Is Super Sonico a star-performer or is it a one-hit-wonder? Find out in our Review of MVM Entertainment’s DVD release for Super Sonico: The Animation – The Complete Series.


Saying Sonico is an incredibly busy young woman is an understatement. She juggles a modeling career, part-time work at her grandmother’s bar, and performs lead vocals and guitar in an all-girl band all while attending college! Not to mention taking care of her five cats – or is that the other way around? When her workload gets a little too heavy, she can count on her fellow musicians Suzu and Furi and the rest of her friends for a stabilizing influence. Get ready for the bounciest adventure ever as this three girl band shakes, rattles, rolls and takes Tokyo by storm! Read more of this post

Mulitple MVM Entertainment Titles Delayed Until the End of June

super_sonico_screenshotIt seems the 29th June 2015 is going to be a pretty busy day for Anime releases, as not only has Anime Limited delayed a handful of titles, such as Tiger & Bunny: The Rising and Kill La Kill – Part 3, to this date but now MVM Entertainment are making there own release date alterations; namely with The Familiar of Zero – Season 3 and Super Sonico – The Complete Collection. Read more of this post

A Large Amount of Sentai Filmwork Anime Titles Appear for Purchase on iTunes UK


Prepare for an exciting surprise; especially if you like digital media, as a variety of Sentai Filmwork licensed shows have appeared for purchase on iTunes; with titles including Nadia: Secret of the Blue Water, which is being released by Animatsu onto DVD and Blu-ray next month, Super Sonico, which is being released by MVM Entertainment later this year, and Non Non Byori. Read more of this post

MVM Entertainment Confirm Release Date Alterations; Super Sonico To Release in June on both DVD and Blu-ray


Following on from the recent news that MVM Entertainment had acquired the UK rights to Super Sonico the UK Distributor have now today confirmed that they will be releasing the series on both DVD and Blu-ray on the 15th June 2015. Read more of this post

MVM Entertainment Acquires Super Sonico for UK Release


MVM Entertainment have recently announced that they have acquired the UK distribution rights to Super Sonico; a unique anime title that sees Nitroplus’s own character brought to life in a unique story of fame and school-life.

We’ll be releasing Super Sonico this summer in the UK (rating and formats still TBA). This zany, musical cult hit features 12 episodes following the exploits of a media idol as she balanecs fame and school, not always with the best results.

Release window and formats are still to be confirmed; however MVM Entertainment hope to release the series on both DVD and Blu-ray later this year.