HiDive Adds A Selection of Anime for UK Streaming; Including Himouto! Umaru-Chan R

HiDive, the recently launched subscription based video-on-demand anime streaming service, have recently expanded their UK catalogue by offering more than eight new titles to their existing streaming line-up. Read more of this post

FUNimation To Launch Updated Streaming Service Within the UK


American Anime Distributor FUNimation Entertainment have today revealed that as part of their updated online streaming service, which has now been renamed to FUNimation Now, they will be expanding their selection of Simulcasts and Back-Catalogue titles to UK Audiences for a monthly subscription fee.

This expanded service will launch in the UK from February 2016 starting with support for desktop PC’s and apps for numerous mobile devices, such as iOS, Android and Kindle devices with more devices, including games consoles and streaming devices, to support the service by May 2016.

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Viewster’s OMAKASE Panel at MCM London Comic Con


As part of Viewster’s on-going partnership with UK Anime Distributor Anime Limited the two companies decided to form together and host their own panel at the MCM London Comic Con; but unlike the previous panel back in May 2015 Viewster were here to promote their new subscription based service OMAKASE. Read more of this post

Animax UK Returns with Ten New Simulcasts


Ever since the free online-streaming-service Viewster appeared online the ‘exciting’ announcements from Animax UK, a subscription-based streaming service, seemed to stop but now the Sony owned service has returned and it’s come back with a bit of a punch. Read more of this post

Animax UK Introduces The Xmas Holiday Pass; Get 50% Off for Two Months


Animax UK have today started a promotion for new subscribers; whereby if you enter the discount code XMASPASS during the sign-up phase you will receive a 50% discount for the next two months.

What this means is that you’ll receiving a wide-selection of anime content that can be signed to multiple devices, including the PS3 and PS4, for only £2.49 a month. It’s a generous price and is sure to keep you entertained over the festitive season – however this promotional offer expires on the 13th January 2015 so you’d better act fast if you want to be a part of it.

Of course if getting Animax UK for half-price for two months does not interest you then they are still doing the ‘Six Months’ contract offer, whereby entering the discount code ANIMAX6 will see the price reduced to £3.99 for the next six months.

Further details on this Animax UK offer can be found on the official website.

Animax UK Now Offering a Six-Month Subscription Based Bundle


This isn’t your typical anime Blu-ray or DVD news, but seeing as Animax UK are starting to show some good anime shows (Fairy Tail, Date-A-Live and Soul Eater NOT for example) i thought i would share with it you all, as it is an interesting offer.

Following on from Animax UK’s recent price decrease (from £5.99 to £4.99) the video-on-demand anime subscription service is now offering customers a six-month subscription based bundle, whereby if you commit to stay with Animax for six month’s you’ll only pay £3.99 a month as opposed to £4.99.

Basically upon registering on the website and at the order checkout screen enter the unique “ANIMAX6” code, this will then tie you to a six month contract with Animax UK, but at the same time it means you’ll only pay £3.99 as opposed to the usual £4.99. This also means that not only are you getting it cheaper, but you are only paying for 5 months (but you end up getting 6 months worth of anime).

With this new offer now in place will you be joining Animax UK? If not, why not? Either way let us know. In meantime Animax UK is compatible with various mobile devices, computers and even has a dedicated app for the PS3.