Steins; Gate 0 Limited Edition & Amadeus Edition Announced for PS4 & PS Vita


It’s been a relatively long wait but PQube have finally confirmed that the western release of Steins; Gate 0 will be receiving the Collector’s Edition treatment; and just like with their previous release of Steins Gate two different variations will be made available; both of which will be exclusive to selective retailers within the UK, Europe and America. Read more of this post

Steins Gate 0 Announced for European Release


Publisher PQube continues to satisfy the needs of the European Japanese Anime Gaming Community as they have today announced that Steins Gate 0 will be released onto the PS4 and PS Vita later this year. Read more of this post

Steins;Gate Game To Be Released onto PS3 and PS Vita This Month


Several months ago European publisher PQUBE announced that they would be releasing an English localised version of NitroPlus’s Steins;Gate visual novel for the PS3 and PS Vita; well over the past few week numerous retailers have revealed that the game will be released on the 22nd May 2015. Read more of this post

Blu-ray Review: Steins Gate – Part 2

steins_gate_part_2_review (1)

It’s time to jump down the rabbit hole once again as we resume Steins Gate with the UK Release of the second half, but what does it offer and is it enjoyable as the first? Find out in our Blu-ray Review of Steins Gate – Part 2.


Hack into the secrets of time travel! The microwave is a time machine. Okarin proved it. The self-anointed mad scientist nuked bananas into some gelatinous version of the future; or maybe it was the past. As refinements are made and text messages sent through time, the shifting timelines begin to attract unwelcome attention. Clandestine organisations of nefarious origins take notice, and the Future Gadget Lab is thrown into a deeper conspiracy than it has the resources to handle. Who are SERN? And what do they want with Okarin? Read more of this post

Scotland Loves Anime 2013 Line-Up Confirmed for both Glasgow & Edinburgh


The official Scotland Loves Anime website have today revealed the list of movies that will be shown at selected cinema’s during the weekend events in both Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Glasgow Film Theatre- October 11th-13th 2013:

  • The Place Promised in Our Early Days
  • Life of Budori Guskou
  • Hunter x Hunter: The Movie – Phantom Rouge
  • Patema Inverted
  • Fuse
  • Perfect Blue
  • Evangelion 1.0
  • Evangelion 2.0
  • Evangelion 3.0
  • Scotland Loves Anime Mystery Film

Edinburgh Filmhouse – October 18th-20th 2013:

  • Hal (screened alongside mystery OVA)
  • Steins;Gate – The Movie
  • Aura
  • The Garden of Words (followed by discussion with the film’s direcotr Makoto Shinkai)
  • Life of Budori Guskou
  • Patema Inverted
  • Fuse
  • Evangelion 1.0
  • Evangelion 2.0
  • Evangelion 3.0
  • Scotland Loves Anime Mystery Film

While the lists (of which films will be shown) are available, the times of each film and ticket availability have still yet to be confirmed, so for those wanting to go to the Scotland Loves Anime event (and who wouldn’t since it’s the UK Premiere of Evangelion 3.0) then you should keep an eye out on the official website for more information.

Manga UK Reveals Winning Steins Gate – Part 2 Cover

Earlier in the year Manga Entertainment UK hosted a community event whereby members of the public can vote on which Steins Gate cover will be used on the second half of the series, well the votes are in and the winner is….



If authorised by the Japanese Licensor then this will be the UK Exclusive DVD & Blu-ray Cover artwork for Steins Gate – Part 2, which is released on the 30th September 2013.

Steins Gate – Part 2 to feature ‘Community Voted’ Artwork, Vote Now To Choose Your Favourite

steins_gate_review_screenshot (3)

Manga Entertainment UK has recently started a community based comeptition over on the Manga UK Blog, whereby it’s asking fans to decide on which artwork should be used on the upcoming Blu-ray and DVD release of Steins Gate – Part 2.

As you may be aware, the UK release of Steins Gate featured exclusive artwork, artwork which has only been seen in the Japanese release, and to continue this trend Manga UK is now asking fans which cover they would like to see on Part 2. Read more of this post

Blu-ray Review: Steins Gate – Part 1

steins_gate_review_screenshot (2)

The highly popular Steins Gate has finally arrived onto UK shores, and in High Definition no less, but does it deserve the hype and was it worth the wait? well we will find out in our Blu-ray Review of Steins Gate – Part 1.


Wannabe mad scientist Rintaro ‘Okarin’ Okabe and his friends, ditzy teen Mayuri and otaku hacker Daru, run the Future Gadgets Lab – in reality an apartment above an Akihabara electronics store. But one day while tinkering with the microwave, Okarin and Co. hit the big time – they accidentally invent an honest-to-goodness time machine.

Now Okarin can send text messages to the past: that’s good. Those messages may be messing with the fabric of time: that’s not so good. He’s attracted the attention of a sinister scientific organisation that will stop at nothing to hunt him down: that’s really, really bad. Plunged into a whirlpool of conspiracies, murder and ever-changing realities, it’s down to Okarin to undo all the chaos he has caused – and time may not be on his side! Read more of this post

UK Release of Steins Gate to Include Exlcusive Artwork

Manga Entertainment UK has recently confirmed the artwork that will be used for the upcoming UK DVD & Blu-ray of Release of Steins Gate – Part 1, with it announcing that it will be a UK exclusive cover.

The Cover, which is exclusive to the UK, can be seen below:


Originally it was thought that the US Cover, which was previously used as a template, would be used for the UK Release, but it seems that Manga UK wanted the UK edition to be extra special, either way this is the official artwork, So what do you think?

Steins Gate Part 1 will be available on DVD & Blu-ray from the 15th July 2013.

Manga UK to Release Steins Gate on Blu-ray & DVD within 2013


Manga Entertainment UK has today announced, via the official Twitter account, that they have secured the rights to release Steins Gate onto Blu-ray and DVD within the UK, additionally the series will be released during this year.

According to the tweets, Manga Entertainment UK will be releasing Steins Gate in two seperate boxsets, i.e. Part 1 and Part 2, a similar approach to what FUNimation did with its American Blu-ray release earlier this year.

The DVD Sets will be given a retail price of £24.99, while the Blu-ray Sets will be priced at £34.99 – its currently not known whether the Blu-ray edition will include the DVD version as well (i.e. a combo pack) however Manga have confirmed the release date for both Parts of the Series.

Part 1 will be released on the 15h July 2013, where as Part 2 will be released on the 30th September 2013.

More information, such as the box-art and pre-order availability, will be announced closer to the time of release, but for now anime fans of this particular series can rejorce as it will be coming to the UK.