Blu-Ray Review: Steins;Gate 0 – Part 2

The adventure continues in Steins;Gate 0 – Part 2 and what take a closer look at what the UK Blu-Ray release via Manga Entertainment UK has to offer. Read more of this post

Steins;Gate 0 – Part 2 Release Date Pushed Back

Those looking forward to continuing the time travelling adventures of Okabe in Steins;Gate 0 will be disappointed to hear that the second part of the series has been pushed back to the 30th September 2019. Read more of this post

Blu-Ray Review: Steins;Gate 0 – Part 1

World lines and ideals collide in the follow-up to Steins;Gate, but does it manage to keep its momentum, or does it fall through the cracks of time? Let’s take a look and find out in Manga Entertainment UK’s Blu-Ray release of Steins;Gate 0 – Part 1. Read more of this post

Steins;Gate 0 – Part 1 Limited Edition Details Announced

Ever since Manga Entertainment UK revealed its third quarter release schedule for this year we have been eager to see the contents included as part of the Limited Edition release of Steins;Gate 0 – Part 1, and today the distributor have not only confirmed the contents but listed it available to pre-order – with Zavvi being the first retailer. Read more of this post

Attack on Titan, Bourto: Next Generations, Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card & Steins;Gate 0 Added to Manga UK’s Release Schedule

Manga Entertainment UK have once again expanded it’s list of Summer 2019 releases as today the UK based distributor announce release plans for Attack on Titan Season 3, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Overlord III and Steins;Gate 0. In addition to release schedule also confirms the re-appearance of Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card, of which got mysteriously removed from sale earlier in the year, and a confirmed release date for the second part of the series. Read more of this post

PQube Introduces Us to the New Cast of Steins;Gate 0


With the western release of Steins;Gate 0 due for release at the end of this month distributor PQube have opted to share further information on some of the characters you will encounter throughout the game. Read more of this post

Steins;Gate 0 Release Date Announced


PQube have recently announced that Steins;Gate 0, the latest entry into the Steins;Gate visual novel universe, will be released on the 25th November 2016 (within the UK and Europe) and the 29th November 2016 (within America) for the PS4 and PS Vita. Read more of this post

Steins; Gate 0 Limited Edition & Amadeus Edition Announced for PS4 & PS Vita


It’s been a relatively long wait but PQube have finally confirmed that the western release of Steins; Gate 0 will be receiving the Collector’s Edition treatment; and just like with their previous release of Steins Gate two different variations will be made available; both of which will be exclusive to selective retailers within the UK, Europe and America. Read more of this post

Steins Gate 0 Announced for European Release


Publisher PQube continues to satisfy the needs of the European Japanese Anime Gaming Community as they have today announced that Steins Gate 0 will be released onto the PS4 and PS Vita later this year. Read more of this post