Manga Entertainment UK Issues Statement Relating to Removal of Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card – Part 1

What should have been a simple release for Manga Entertainment UK has turned into another strange situation; as due to unforeseen circumstances the UK anime publisher-come-distributor have had to remove Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card – Part 1 from retailers as well as remove any traces of the product from their own social channels. Read more of this post

Manga UK Provides Clarification for Evangelion 3.33 Pre-Order Cancelations


Manga Entertainment UK have today issued a statement surrounding yesterday’s confusion of Evangelion 3.33 being cancelled; and just as we assumed Manga UK are still releasing the film into the UK but as no ‘definitive’ release date is available they have opted to cancel pre-orders for the time being.

“We regret to inform you that the scheduled release of Evangelion 3.33 – You Can (Not) Redo has been pushed back indefinitely. We can confirm that Manga Entertainment will still be releasing this title, but at present there is no confirmed release date. We apologise to our fans for this, but unfortunately this delay was unavoidable.”

It all started yesterday afternoon when Amazon UK sent out an e-mail to customers informing them that the UK Release of Evangelion 3.33 had been cancelled; a piece of news which not only enraged fans but caused an outcry on social media to the distributor. With MangaUK delaying titles, such as those seen yesterday, and reverting others to DVD-only its not surprising that fans would be concerned about this e-mail; however there is a perfectly good reason behind these pre-orders being cancelled – and it all goes back to FUNimation. Read more of this post

MVM Releases Statement Surrounding Bakemonogatari – Part 1 Disc Mix Up


MVM Entertainment have today issued a statement surrounding a disc Mix up with their DVD release of Bakemonogatari – Part 1.

As it stands the issue will not affect everyone, but MVM Entertainment have issued this statement just incase someone does encounter a problem with their release of Bakemonogatari – Part 1.

“Unfortunately our manufacturers packed the wrong discs (Shana) into the Bakemonogatari Pt1 box.

This was spotted a week before release date but some stock had already shipped to major mail order retailers.

Although these retailers have been advised of a product recall some units may have shipped to customers.

Any customer receiving this product should seek a refund from their retailer.

Bakemononogatari Pt 1 will now be released on 1st July with new barcode and catalogue number (MVD2324).

This is the only way to ensure bad stock does not get mixed with new good stock.

This only effects mail order retailers as bad stock was stopped in time before going to high street stores such as HMV.

Apologies for any inconvenience. This has been something of a nightmare for us too.”

that some Anime fans may have experienced.

According to rumours people who ordered

Basically if you have ordered Bakemonogatari – Part 1 from an online retailer, such as Amazon or Sainsbury’s Entertainment, then you should check to make sure the correct discs are inside. If you do discover that your Bakemonogatari – Part 1 has the incorrect disc’s inside then you should return it to the retailer as soon as possible.

Bakemonogatari – Part 1 is now available on DVD from local and online retailers, however some retailers may not receive the correct release until the 1st July 2013.