CRYSTAR To Receive New Costume DLC This Week

SPIKE CHUNSOFT have announced that CRYSTAR, the recently released Action-RPG, will receive a small selection of costume DLC this week. Read more of this post

YU-NO Gameplay Trailer Released

SPIKE CHUNSOFT have recently released a gameplay trailer for the upcoming visual novel YU-NO which is being released onto the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC (via Steam) later this year. Read more of this post

Numskull Games to Publish Conception PLUS and YU-NO within Europe

Numskull Games continues its European publishing and distribution deal with developer and North American publisher SPIKE CHUNSOFT as the UK based company have today announced plans to release Conception PLUS and YU-NO within Europe later this year. Read more of this post

SPIKE CHUNSOFT Announces Conception PLUS and Robotics;Notes for Western Release

SPIKE CHUNSOFT have announced at Anime Expo 2019 that a selection of Conception PLUS: Maidens of the Twelve Stars, Robotics;Notes Elite and Robotics;Notes Dash will be released within Europe and North America in the near future. Read more of this post

Numskull Games Announces Partnership with Spike Chunsoft to Release CRYSTAR and AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES within Europe

Earlier in the year Numskull Designs, the clothing and merchandise manufacturer that release officially licensed gaming merchandise, announced that it was going to expand into video games with the unveiling of Numskull Games. So far Numskull Games title line-up has been quite scarce but today the company announced a new partnership with Japanese developer-come-publisher SPIKE CHUNSOFT in order to release CRYSTAR and AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES within Europe and Australia. Read more of this post

AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES Receives a New Gameplay Trailer

Spike Chunsoft have recently released a new gameplay trailer for AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES which highlights the two modes of gameplay, Investigation and Somnium. As Special Agent Kaname Date, players must travel between the real world and the dream world to find clues and chase a serial killer. Read more of this post

Spike Chunsoft Annoucnes YU-NO for Western PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch & Steam Release

Spike Chunsoft have recently announced that the latest incarnation of YU-NO, known as YU-NO: A girl who chants love at the bound of this world, will be localised and released within Europe and North America onto the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch this October. Read more of this post

Spike Chunsoft Confirms European Release Dates for AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES and CRYSTAR

For the past few months Spike Chunsoft have been unveiling details for upcoming titles AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES and CRYSTAR and while these were ‘expected’ for a European release it turns out the information was just for North America. Fear not though as today Spike Chunsoft have confirmed that both titles will be released in Europe and more importantly they will be released alongside the North American releases. Read more of this post

Spike Chunsoft Reveals New CRYSTAR Character Details

Spike Chunsoft have recently revealed some new information for the upcoming PlayStation 4 and Windows PC action-RPG game CRYSTAR, and this time the information seems to be character bios and voice-actor reveals for characters featured within the game. Read more of this post

Meet the Characters of AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES

Spike Chunsoft have released new details for the upcoming game AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES; this time introducing potential players to the unique cast of characters (and the respective English & Japanese voice actors) that players will meet. Read more of this post