Gundam Build Fighters Try Island Wars Special Now Streaming on GundamInfo


The official Mobile Suit Gundam Youtube Channel, known as GundamInfo, is now streaming the TV Special Gundam Build Fighters Try Island Wars; an animated feature which acts as a sequel to Gundam Build Fighters Try.

This animated special, which clocks in at 37 minutes, is presented in Japanese with English subtitles and can be viewed in 720p High Definition which may not sound impressive but most videos on the channel are uploaded in Standard Definition (most likely so that it can help promote the Japanese Blu-ray release). Read more of this post

Pokemon XYZ to Debut on CITV with a Special Marathon Weekend


After weeks of waiting CITV have finally confirmed that the nineteenth series of Pokemon, otherwise known as Pokemon XYZ, will receive it’s UK Broadcast debut on Saturday 9th April 2016; and to celebrate its arrival the free-to-view broadcasting channel will be having a special marathon event with two feature-length-films and three special OVA episodes being broadcast across the entire weekend.

It all starts at 9:25am on Saturday 9th April 2016; as CITV will broadcast the latest English Dubbed Pokemon film, known as Pokemon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages, followed by two Pokemon: Mega-Evolution Special Episodes at 11am and 11:30am before finally reaching the UK debut of Pokemon XYZ at 12pm. Read more of this post

UK DVD Release of Dragon Ball GT – Season 2 Will Include the Hero’s Legacy Special


For those wondering if the UK DVD Release of Dragon Ball GT – Season 2, which is out on the 17th March 2014, will include the Dragon Ball GT Special “A Hero’s Legacy” then rejoice as it does.

Just like the previous Australian and America release the 45 minute TV special, which see’s Pan’s grandson Goku Jr embark on a journey to find a Dragon Ball, is included on the final DVD disc of the second season box set which also features the final four episodes of the Dragon Ball GT Series.


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