Anime Limited to Offer Soundtrack as Possible Mai Mai Miracle Stretch Goal


Anime Limited, also known as All The Anime, have recently announced that if their next ‘imaginary’ stretch goal of $105,000 is achieved by the end of the Mai Mai Miracle Kickstarter (which currently ends in 5 days) then the movies soundtrack may possibly be included with all $45 (or higher) backer tiers.

We are still knee deep in complex and slow moving negotiations with the rights holders and we know that with enough funding, we’ll be able to offer the soundtrack as an addition to all the tiers from $45 upwards. For backers on the lower tiers, we can offer the soundtrack at a discounted rate.

So what amount will we need to be able to get the OST for everyone? You may recall in previous posts that we mentioned hitting a $95,000 target. That figure was based on initial guesstimations in the early stages of approaching negotiations. The way things are looking in the negotiations (and the fees we’re looking at stumping upfront) we would now estimate a target of $105,000.

Basically if the Mai Mai Miracle kickstarter, which currently stands at over $88,000, achieves over $105,000 by the end of the campaign then all $45 tiers (and higher) may receive a copy of the soundtrack. For those who purchased lower tiers (such as the basic amaray version) then they can pledge additional funds to secure a copy of the soundtrack. Read more of this post