Sony Movie Channel To Broadcast Bleach TV Series Starting from Next Week

bleach_hell_verse_screenshot (2)

The “Late Night Anime” segment on the Sony Movie Channel has been going for a few months now and over the past few weeks Black Lagoon has been the series of choice, well now that the series has (finally) come to a close its been revealed that Bleach will be taking over the weekly slot.

Starting from next Monday night/Tuesday morning the Sony Movie Channel will air f0ur episodes of Bleach, starting with the very first episode – its unclear how many episodes (or for how long) it will be shown for but seeing as Bleach has over 200 dubbed episodes available on DVD it could be awhile.

The first episode will be broadcast at 1:30am on the 17th December 2013 with three additional episodes following after it, its assumed that the following weeks will follow a similar episodic pattern, with several episodes shown each week, just like it did with Black Lagoon.

So there we have it, Bleach will start broadcasting on the Sony Movie Channel (Sky Channel 323) starting from next week and more importantly the channel is free to all Sky TV subscribers.

Sony Movie Channel to Broadcast Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail, Meanwhile UK Blu-ray & DVD Release Delayed by Kaze


As I previously announced on Twitter the Late NIght Anime Screenings on the Sony Movie Channel will be continuing with the complete OVA Series, Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trial, with all five episodes shown back-to-back at once.

The first episode of the OVA Series, which takes place ‘after’ the original TV series, will start at 1:05am and will continue until all five episodes have finished, with the traditional adverts in between episodes. Additionally  if you miss it their is a +1 service, with the first episode starting at 2:05am.

For the past few weeks the Sony Movie Channel has broadcast a variety of anime as part of its ‘Late Night Anime’ slot, whereby every Monday night / Tuesday morning a film will be shown – with this weeks (yesterday’s) film being Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie. At this point in time all of the films broadcast have been released by KAZE Entertainment, so it could mean we may see other ‘kaze’ released TV Series being broadcast on the channel, including Code Geass and Tiger & Bunny.

While the Sony Movie Channel will be broadcasting the series next week, Manga Entertainment UK has took to twitter to announce that the Blu-ray and DVD release of the series has been delayed due to a production issue, so that’s another release delayed by kaze.


The Blu-ray and DVD Release of Black Lagoon: Roberta’s Blood Trail will now be released on the 18th November 2013, so that’s a 2 week delay compared to the original 4th November release date, however those eager to watch it can of course watch it next week on the Sony Movie Channel at 1:05am on Sky 323, furthermore you do not need a Sky Movie subscription to watch the channel, just a basic Sky TV Package.