Animax UK Returns with Ten New Simulcasts


Ever since the free online-streaming-service Viewster appeared online the ‘exciting’ announcements from Animax UK, a subscription-based streaming service, seemed to stop but now the Sony owned service has returned and it’s come back with a bit of a punch. Read more of this post

Viewster App Now Available on Xbox 360; Coming Soon To Other Devices


Following on from the release of it’s iOS and Android App Viewster have now released a dedicated app for the Xbox 360; an app which allows all of the streaming content found on their website to be streamed directly to your Xbox 360 console; as CEO of Viewster, Kai Henniges, explains:

Our community has heavily requested Viewster’s presence on the Xbox 360 Marketplace, so we’re extremely happy to now finally be able to accommodate our user’s needs for another channel to enjoy our unique entertainment. We fully adapt consoles as a natural element in cross-device viewing throughout the week”

The Viewster App on the Xbox 360 will operate just like it’s mobile counterparts; whereby users can watch a variety of shows without the need of a monthly subscription. Additionally the app will feature trailers of selective shows, so you’ve got a rough idea of what to expect before watching, and synopsis of each show.

Viewster have also suggested that Apps for other console platforms, such as the Xbox One, PS3 and PS4, are currently in the works and will be released in due course.

Viewster Unveils Plans To Stream Ten Anime Simulcasts This Autumn



We don’t often report about new ‘streaming’ anime, as this site was setup for ‘psyhical’ releases; but Viewster, a free-streaming-service that currently offers a small-selection of anime titles,  have recently announced that they will be doing a variety of simulcasts for new anime shows being broadcast this autumn.

What this means is that you (the viewer) will be able to view a selection of new anime shows several hours/day after they have been broadcast within Japan, and this is in addition to content that has already been made available for general viewing – including shows such as Fate/Zero, Bakemonogatari and Ouran High School Host Club. Read more of this post

Animax UK Introduces New Simulcasts and a Lower Subscription Price


The UK-based Anime-Streaming-Site, Animax UK, have recently announced that they have acquired the UK Simulcast streaming rights to five brand new anime series, one of which is a popular fan-favourite series.

Four of the five titles are brand new to the UK, these include Daimidaler: Prince Vs. Penguin Empire, Riddle Story of Devil, Selector Infected WIXOSS and Dragonar Academy,meanwhile the ever-popular Fairy Tail (Second Season) will also be streamed on the Animax UK website.

All five series will require a monthly subscription in order to be viewed, fortunately Animax UK will be reducing the current monthly subscription from £5.99 to £4.99, thus allowing customers to save £1 per month. This change in price will be coming into effect shortly and the price change will effect both new and existing customers, so there will no need to cancel and re-subscribe.

All of the titles are currently available to stream from the Animax UK Website and the Animax UK PS3 App, furthermore free simulcasts, which include Soul Eater NOT and Date-A-Live are still taking place.