Espgaluda 2 Teaser Trailer and Website Available

Ahead of its Nintendo Switch later in the year publisher Live Wire have released a teaser trailer and website for the upcoming arcade shoot-em-up Espgaluda 2.

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Neon Chrome & Sparkle 2 Now Available for the Nintendo Switch

Neon Chrome & Sparkle 2 may not be the usual ‘anime styled’ Japanese product you would expect to receive on this site; but as I enjoyed playing the Xbox One variations of these games I thought it would be best to share the news that both games have now arrived onto the Nintendo Switch through Finland based publisher and development studio 10tons ltd. Read more of this post

Touhou Genso Rondo Announced for European PS4 Release


Publisher NIS America have announced they will be releasing the bullet-shooter styled game Touhou Genso Rondo (working title) onto the PS4 as a digital download within Europe and America later this year.

Developed by CUBETYPE Touhou Genso Rondo is a shooter, similar to the likes of Deathsmiles and Ikuraga, thats set within the Touhou universe and it’s a game that will feature both an engaging story mode as well as fast-paced bullet dodging arcade fun. This particular version of the game will be a full High Definition remaster of the Japanese-exclusive PC game with newer HD visuals, a complete UI overall, rebalanced gameplay mechanics and an updated single-player experience such as an all-new boss battle rush mode and extended scenarios. Read more of this post