Manga UK Confirms Acquistion of the original Dragon Ball TV Series


We knew it would’nt be too long before Manga Entertainment UK announced that they had acquried the UK Distribution rights to the original Dragon Ball TV Series, especially after their little “clue” on twitter several days ago, but even so the UK Distributor has today taken to Youtube to confirm that they have acquried the UK distribution rights to the series with the first set being released in May.

Spanning 153 Episodes the original Dragon Ball TV Series will be released across 5 Season sets over the course of 7 months, each of which will feature a particular collection of sagas.

The first season set, which is being released on the 5th May 2014 will include the Emperor Pilaf and Tournament Saga’s with each episode being Digitally remastered and uncut in the original 4:3 Aspect Ratio, the same ratio used on the recent Dragon Ball GT season releases.