MVM Licenses Fate/Zero, Linebarrels of Iron & Patlabor OVA for UK Release


MVM Entertainment has today took to twitter to announce several new anime licenses, all of which will be released later this year.

The three new licenses are Fate/Zero, Linebarrels of Iron & the Patlabor OVA series, with the Patlabor OVA Series being confirmed for a Blu-ray release. Currently all three series will be released on DVD with confirmation of Fate/Zero’s release format yet to be announced. Read more of this post

Kix TV to Air New Episodes of Dragon Ball Z Kai & Scan2Go from Next Week


It’s not Blu-ray (or DVD) related but Kix TV, the Free-To-Air TV Channel that is currently available on Sky and Freesat, have today announced that new episodes of Dragon Ball Z Kai will be shown along with relatively new anime-based TV Series, Scan2Go.

Dragon Ball Z Kai was previously shown on a daily basis when it started airing last year until all of its alotted episodes, which ran until the end of the Frezia Saga, were shown. Since then Dragon Ball Z Kai has had a ‘limited’ run on the TV channel with episodes being shown mostly at weekends but from next week the series will return to the TV Channel.

Dragon Ball Z Kai will recommence airing on the 22nd July 2013 and according to listing’s it will be broadcast at 8:30am, 12pm and 8pm everday with the series starting from the very first episode and continuing straight through to the new episodes.

In addition to Dragon Ball Z Kai, the Japanese-Korean anime series Scan2Go (which is co-produced by D-Rights and aimed at a younger auidience) also starts on the 22nd July, with episodes being shown at 8am, 12:30pm, 3:3opm, 9:30pm and 10pm everday. The series itself is set in a futuristic universe whereby races involving the use of miniature automated toy cars and cards are played out. The english dub for Scan2Go was produced by Ocean Productions and Blue Water Studios and has previously been shown on Cartoon Network in America.

It seems like Kix TV, which can be viewed for FREE if you have a Sky Box (or Freesat Box) is the new destination for edited anime series on TV, as the channel is also currently showing Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and Digimon Data Squad.

Anime Limited’s Blu-ray Release of Gurren Lagann to include Both Movies & OVA Series


File this under ‘slightly old news’ but last Friday Anime Limited (also known as All The Anime) announced on their Facebook page that the upcoming Blu-ray release of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann will include the two Gurren Lagann movies as well as the parallel works OVA Series, both of which have never been released within the UK.

With your copy of TTGL on blu-ray, you will now get the 2 TTGL movies AND the parellel works! That’s right – we’re throwing in all those extras with the set! These will be split between the 2 blu-ray sets. How & what will be where, we’re still waiting on licensor approval. But rest assured, you’ll be getting all the goodies with your blu-ray copy of Gurren Lagann! AND it won’t be $500

For those unaware the first movie (Childhoods end) acts as a summary to the first 15 episodes, while the second movie (The lights in the Sky are Stars) acts as a sequel to the overall series. The Parallel Works OVA episodes on the other hand are alternative stories set to songs from the series original soundtrack. Since the movies and OVA Series has not been dubbed into English, they will be provided in Japanese with English subtitles.

It is currently not known if these ‘extras’ will be included with the DVD edition of the series, but Anime Limited has confirmed that they will be included with the Blu-ray Edition, which is being released over two sets. Both the DVD & Blu-ray Editions are currently expected to be released later this year.

Blu-ray Review: Hellsing Ultimate – Parts 5 to 8

hellsing_parts_5_8_screenshot (1)

The story of Alucard, Integra and Sera continues but this time in full High Definition, is Hellsing Ultimate worth the HD Treatment or should it be cast back into the bowls of hell? Find out in our Blu-ray Review of Hellsing Ultimate – Parts 5 to 8.


London’s burning in Hellsing Ultimate: Volumes 5-8 as assault zeppelins, SS vampires and pistol-toting Iscariot fanatics turn the UK capitol into a bloody ruin. The collection opens with vampire count Alucard trapped onboard an aircraft carrier in the middle of the Atlantic, giving the monstrous Major and his army of undead stormtroopers their opportunity to launch a full scale invasion of Britain. As Integra, Seras and the other operatives of the secret Hellsing Organisation fight to stem the Nazi tide and save the city, Alucard’s old antagonist Alexander Anderson mobilises the hooded priests of Iscariot for war. The forces of Heaven and Hell will clash once more, and London is their battleground. But Alucard is also on his way …and the badass vampire is in no mood to show mercy. Read more of this post

Warner Bros Announces UK Release of Supernatural: The Anime Series


Warner Bros Home Video have recently announced that the Anime version of the american TV phenomenon, Supernatural, will be released onto DVD into the UK next month.

Made with the blessing and creative input of the original show’s creator, Eric Kripke, and featuring the vocal talents of the live-action series stars, this animated series brilliantly covers the events of the first two seasons of “Supernatural” by recreating many of the original episodes while also introducing a whole batch of brand new material that explores the Winchesters’ previously unseen childhoods and expanding upon the stories of several secondary characters. The trump card, however, is the anime’s ability to go further, visually, than any live-action TV show could ever dream of going. The result makes for essential viewing for committed “Supernatural” fans and provides an ideal primer and introduction for those yet to become possessed by the haunting and action-packed saga of the Winchesters.

As mentioned above, the Anime Series will feature elements taken from Season 1 and Season 2 of the real TV series as well as incorperate brand new storylines to make it an interesting experience for new and old fans alike.

The Supernatural Anime Series will feature 22 episodes and a whole host of extras, including Cast Commentaries and Interviews, across 3 DVD Discs. A Blu-ray release has not been mentioned, so its a DVD Only release, however it was released on Blu-ray in America last year.

Supernatural: The Anime Series is expected to be released on the 27th May 2013 within the UK and it can currently be pre-ordered from Amazon UK.

Unboxing: Baka & Test – OVA Collection (Blu-ray / DVD Combo Pack) [USA]

The US Release of Baka & Test – OVA Collection is a nice addition to any ‘idiots’ collection, as not only is the Blu-ray compatible with UK and European Blu-ray players but the DVD is Multi-regional as well – however unless your a hardcore ‘idiot’ then I recomend waiting until its available at a reasonable price.

I say that because the OVA Collection only contains 82 minutes worth of entertainment, 60 minutes of which are taken up by the two OVA Episodes, while the remaining 22 minutes are taken up by extra features, such as Promotional Videos, FUNimation Trailers, Textless Songs and Mini-OVA Episodes.

That being said, the OVA Collection is a nice addition and fits well with the Season 1 (and Season 2) sets – with its bright colours and carded sleeve.

There’s currently no word on a UK Release of this OVA Collection, however seeing as Manga Entertainment UK have licensed both Seasons of the TV Series, albeit on DVD only, then there is ‘high’ chances of the OVA Collection being released into the UK by them as well.

For now though, here is the Unboxing Video for the US (FUnimation) release of the Baka & Test – OVA Collection.