Blu-ray Review: Magi – The Labyrinth of Magic – Season 1 Part 1

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We take a trip to the desert to find out what KAZE’s release of Magi has to offer, but what did we think of the series and its unique approach to the Arabian Nights tale? Find out in our Blu-ray Review of Magi – The Labyrinth of Magic Season 1 Part 1.


In a fantastic middle-age world where slavery is very common, there are mysterious tall towers named Dungeon which mysteriously appeared out of nowhere fourteen years before the story line. Someone who conquers a Dungeon becomes very powerful and wealthy.

Our hero Ali Baba is a teenager who works for merchants to support himself. He dreams for conquering a lot of Dungeons and becoming a very rich person. One day, he comes across with a strange young boy named Aladdin who carries a mystical flute with supernatural powers in it. Ali Baba and Aladdin agree to travel their first Dungeon together. Read more of this post

DVD Review: Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan – Season 1 Part 1

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Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan is the latest ‘Shonen Jump’ anime series to reach UK Shores, but what is it like compared to other Shonen Jump titles that are already available? Find out in our DVD Review of Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan – Season 1 Part 1.


Rikuo Nura, is 3 parts human and a quarter Demon, lives in a house of spirits with his grandfather, The current clan head of the Nura youkai. Rikou is set to be the next clan head, despit the fact he dilikes his demon side. He soon come to terms with his demon blood and decides to take his position as young master of the Nura house. However there are those who will certainly not allow it to be easy. (via Fetch Publicity) Read more of this post