Scotland Loves Anime 2021 Films Announced

Earlier in the month the organisers of Scotland Loves Anime announced that the event would be returning to Glasgow and Edinburgh locations this year. Well today the organisers have now begun to reveal what films anime fans can expect to see, and it is a mixed list with some interesting surprises.

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Scotland Loves Anime 2020 Schedule and Crowd Funding Campaign Announced

As 2020 continues to be a year we would rather forget, especially when it comes to the impact of COVID-19 on modern day life, the anime film festival Scotland Loves Anime continues on and recently the organisers have announced some special activities for an unusual year. Read more of this post

Scotland Loves Anime 2019 Film Schedule Revealed and Tickets Now Available

Scotland Loves Anime, otherwise known as Loves Animation, is fast approaching and with just over a month to go until the event the official website has now been updated with confirmation of the films planned to be shown as well as links on where to pre-book the tickets. Read more of this post

Scotland Loves Anime Line-Up Revealed; Includes Fate/stay Night: Heaven’s Feel & My Hero Academia: The Two Heroes

It is nearly that time of the year again whereby selective cinemas within Scotland begin showing numerous anime movies as part of the Scotland Loves Anime season and during this week the list of films screening as part of the event have been announced. Read more of this post

Scotland Loves Anime Glasgow and Edinburgh Screenings Confirmed


It’s nearly that time of the year where Glasgow and Edinburgh become overrun with anime fans in the Scotland Loves Animation, or Scotland Loves Anime if you prefer, movie festival; and over the past week ‘confirmed’ details of what will shown has been revealed. Read more of this post

Scotland Loves Animation To Go on Tour Around Scotland This Summer


Anime fans in Scotland will be interested to hear that the Anime Festival Scotland Loves Animation will be going on tour, with it bringing a variety of Anime films to various venues across Scotland.

If you do not live in Scotland, or can’t get up there, then obviously this news will be a bit of a disappointment – but its nice to see Anime films being taken seriously and used in mysterious new ways. Anyway the tour has ‘technically’ already started, as it began on the 18th April 2014, but the first film being shown isn’t until 11th May 2014 so there is still some time to book seats and arrange travel. Read more of this post

Anime Limited To Bring the Evangelion Movie Trilogy to the Big Screen Later this Year


Anime Limited, in partnership with Manga Entertainment UK, have recently announced (via Anime Limited’s Blog) that the Evangelion Movie Trilogy will have a limited run in cinema’s across the UK later this year.

The Movie Trilogy roadshow will begin at Scotland Loves Animation, which takes place between the 11th and 20th October 2013, whereby shortly afterwards the films will be shown at venues across the UK including Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds and London, with exact times and dates to be announced in the near future.

Exact details on how the movies will be presented (such as Audio) have yet to be confirmed, however the first two movies will be presented in 35mm reels while the third film will be presented in its original Digital Cinema Print, thus offering higher detailed visuals compared to the 35mm reel.

Details aside this is exciting news for Evangelion (and anime fans) wanting to see the films on the big screen, in the meantime both Evangelion 1.11 You are (not) alone and Evangelion 2.22 You can (not) adanvce are both available on DVD & Blu-ray in the UK.