East Asia Television Outlines the Daily Programming Schedule


East Asia Television, the upcoming satellite provided TV channel that promises to air anime and Japanese drama’s early next year has recently outlined the daily programming schedule for when the channel becomes active.

No details of what exactly the channel will be showing are listed, although they have been having weekly (and monthly) polls on the website to see which anime to broadcast on launch day, but it does show how the channel will operate on a daily basis, with child-friendly themed shows presented during the day with mature-uncut-anime shown in the late evenings.

  • Early Mornings is set for child based programming (Inc. kids animé old and new)
  • Late Morning* will contain drama, features, technology and review shows along with day edits of programming.
  • Afternoons will contain a variety of programming, such as imported chat shows and further Late Morning* content.
  • Evening will feature our most prestigious series (exclusives/live concerts/simulcasts) as well as evening edit programming.
  • Night & Late Night will be the place to catch up on full unedited versions of programmes shown in the day as well as some series that is aimed at a more mature audience (but are just as good).

As with all upcoming events the schedule can change without notice, furthermore East Asia Television has said that anime will not fill the entire line-up going into 2015, so it seems that anime will be the focus for its first year (or so) of broadcasting with different types of programming becoming available in the future.

Kix TV To Broadcast Bakugan: Battle Brawlers within the UK, Starts This Saturday


It’s not exactly Blu-ray (or DVD) news but its more “anime-related” information for UK TV, even if it is edited. Anyway fresh off brand wew episodes of Dragon Ball Z Kai (along with the brand new series of the Mysterious Cities of Gold) the free-to-air Satelite TV Channel Kix, has announced that it will be broadcasting the anime series Bakugan: Battle Brawlers, with the first episode being shown this Saturday.

Bakugan: Battle Brawlers is another relatively new series, as it wasn’t “that long” ago when it was being shown on Cartoon Network. Either way the series itself focuses on Dan and his friends who, after meeting the Bakugan Drago, decide to help him in his quest to save his world, Vestroia, from destruction. The series has a “Digimon / Pokemon” vibe to it whereby humans battle using Bakugan (small capsules that transform into real-life robotic dragons) while at the same time their is a parrellel world alongside the humans.

Bakugan: Battle Brawlers will start this saturday (at 12:30am) on Sky Channel 627 and Freesat Channel 606, with the second episode being shown on sunday at the same time, after that a new episode will be shown every day at 8am, until the weekend where (yet again) it will be shown at 12:30am. Its not known how long this timeslot is for, but more information can be found on the Kix Website.